Planning an Affordable Funeral

There are so many things that you need to consider when planning an affordable funeral. And you may find that your plans to keep things simple don’t ever materialise.

There are so many decisions to make. One of the first is choosing between a burial or a cremation and considering the costs connected to each one.

If you want to plan an affordable funeral, you will have to do your research. You should compare funeral homes because they can vary in price significantly.

Funeral homes must provide you with a price list of all their cost on services and products.

Planning an Affordable Funeral – Cremations a more Affordable Option

Planning an Affordable FuneralCremations have become more popular in recent years. One reason is that they are considerably less expensive than a burial.

If you don’t want to overspend on a funeral, don’t allow a funeral home into pressurising you to consider a burial. You will then have to pay for products and services you don’t need or want.

Stick to your plans for a simple funeral. Did you know that in the United States of America, the cheapest funeral is a direct cremation? The funeral home will collect the deceased, and conduct an immediate cremation after the mandatory waiting period. A cremation requires a basic container, and there is no service or viewing. This very affordable funeral can reduce fees surrounding a funeral dramatically. Later on, you can make arrangements to have a memorial service.

Planning an Affordable Funeral – Biodegradable Coffins with Zero Embalming Expenses

Cremations are far more logistically easier to plan than a burial, and they have a lesser environmental footprint than burials do unless you opt for a ‘green’ burial. This is also an affordable funeral option to consider because, with a green cemetery burial, the body is buried in a biodegradable coffin. So there are no expenses for embalming chemicals.

Today, not everyone can afford a traditional funeral, but there are funeral directors who are genuinely concerned about being able to provide affordable funeral services to their customers. They will tell you that it is important to plan ahead and find out what family members want, perhaps years in advance. If you are thinking of a simpler, more affordable option, they advise you to call them to discuss your options.

Planning an Affordable Funeral – Pre-Plan and Pre-Pay

People don’t like to think about their mortality, but planning an affordable funeral is to pre-plan it now. The advantages of this is that first of all you relieve your loved ones of the burden of having to fork out for your funeral, and you ensure your funeral is carried out according to your wishes. Pre-planning and pre-paying your funeral is simply being responsible. Pre-paying your funeral comes with options, and the funeral director will allow you to have payment plans that suit your needs. By pre-paying your funeral, you protect yourself and your family from inflation. Not only that, in some instances if your funeral costs less than the amount you have paid, your beneficiaries will be refunded.

Planning an Affordable Funeral – Research and Draw Comparisons

Losing a loved one doesn’t have to be financially draining. Do research and compare your different options. Some funeral services providers provide caring and affordable burials and cremations, and they offer free, no obligation consultations and quotes so that you can know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

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