Proof of Claims Needed for Cashing in Funeral Plans

July 12, 2018

You need proof of claims with a funeral policy. When a family member dies, you make a claim, letting them know that you have suffered a loss.

You are letting them know that all the money you have been paying month by month is now finally due to you.

A claim is letting the insurance company know that you want action – you want a payout so that you can arrange a funeral for your family member.

The insurer will review your claim – see if it is valid and see if the policy covers the circumstances. The company pays out valid claims within the specified time and with the minimum of inconvenience to the claimant.

You need to provide Proof of Claims to Prove their Validity

Proof of ClaimsThe company ensures the thorough investigation of fraudulent claims and avoids paying our fraudulent amounts.

There are plenty of scams in the funeral industry – people try to claim money that isn’t due to them. To eliminate this, when the insurance company receives your claim, they may send a loss adjuster around to you to assess whether your claim is valid.

The loss adjuster simply asks some questions to establish the validity of your claim. They make notes around the replies you give and send a report to the insurer.

You will need to provide proof that you have a genuine claim. The insurers will only pay out when they are sure that your claim meets the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

Check your Policy for the Time limits attached to Claims

Once the company has checked and re-checked your claim, the next step is the payout. The insurer works out the value of the claim and then provides the benefit that is specified in your insurance contract.

There is a certain procedure to make a claim – it requires filling in the correct claim form. That is obtainable from your insurance company. You can download the claim form from their website.

You cannot just make claims anytime. There are time limits attached to claims, and failing to adhere to the rules surrounding them, you’ll risk not being paid out.

Being Ignorant Is no Excuse

Unfortunately in South Africa, when it comes to proof of claims, ignorance isn’t bliss. In fact, being ignorant of the terms and conditions of your short-term insurance policy can make it that your claim gets rejected. If they claim form requests certain documents, supply them all.

Usually, documents for proof of claims are –

  • Original death certificate
  • Original policy schedule
  • The correct claim form properly signed and filled in


You can Avoid Delays

Delays happen because the funeral insurance provider hasn’t received a valid death certificate as well as other proof of claims. Funeral insurance claims will only be paid when they are satisfied that you are the true, identifiable beneficiary, the policy is current and that every condition has been met.

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