African Unity Insurance Offers a Host of Useful Benefits

Costs of funerals have increased dramatically over the past decade. And prices will continue to rise. A basic funeral costs around R8 000. That’s before taking into account items like flowers, catering, and music. So some people eventually just opt for a pauper funeral because they can’t get together the money. Affordable funeral insurance from African Unity insurance is a sure way to plan ahead and ensure that you can pay for your loved one’s funeral.

You’ll find different plans on offer, and each of these policies cover different things. It is important to read the small print carefully, so you understand the cover. You don’t want to be paying monthly premiums for such a long time that you end up paying the equivalent of three or more funerals. It’s important to find a funeral plan that links the lump sum you get to inflation.

African Unity InsuranceAfrican Unity Insurance – The Focus is on Affordability

Founded in 1967 and based in Cape Town African Unity Insurance Limited provides financial services as well as long-term insurance solutions for organizations. They like to stay ahead of funeral trends, with their aim being to design and offer funeral products that are easy to understand and of value.

African Unity Insurance is an investment company whose focus is on investing in profitable businesses. To this end, they offer a full spectrum of products as well as customised funeral cover. Their standard benefit provides a pre-determined cover amount for the primary member, their spouse as well as their children. If the person requires it, they can also include the extended family funeral cover as well as increased cover for accidental death.
Some other services offered by African Unity Insurance are –

●   emergency medical assistance
●   HIV counselling
●   repatriation of mortal remains
●   education benefits
●   trauma and assault assistance

Another favourable aspect is African Unity’s Credit Life. When the principal member dies or is retrenched, Credit Life offers the assurance that outstanding credit or loan amounts will be settled up to an amount of R30 000.

African Unity Insurance –  Claims Paid within 48 Hours

African Unity Insurance Right Cover provides individual and group funeral insurance cover to South Africans which is affordable and full of useful benefits. Their Super 10 Funeral Policy is underwritten by African Unity Insurance Limited. They offer three different funeral plans which include individual and family cover as well as their Super 10 extended family cover.

These African Unity insurance plans are all very affordable and can be tailored to your needs. For a small amount of R147 a month, you can cover yourself as well as nine additional family members. Each family member will benefit from R10,000.00 cover. Some of the other benefits you enjoy with this funeral cover are –

●   no medical examination is necessary
●   claims are made within 48 hours
●   they offer a repatriation service
●   you can increase or decrease your cover anytime you wish

If you don’t want to risk having to take out a loan or beg someone to lend you the money to plan a funeral for your loved one, it becomes necessary to have some funeral plan in place to cover all those expenses that come with every funeral. Take a look at what African Unity Insurance and Right Cover can offer you.


Do research right away while you still have the chance and get affordable funeral cover today. Plus you’ll find lots of other superb offers that give you the confidence that you won’t have to sell your home or your car to give yourself or your loved one the end-of-life send off everyone deserves.

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