Wall of Remembrance for Those Who Have Shaped South Africa

South Africa has got a rich history. Many monuments and memorials exist for the people who have made a difference to the shaping of the country. These include the 1820 Settlers Monument in Grahamstown and the Wall of Remembrance in Pretoria. All these people have all made a contribution to South Africa.

The Voortrekker Monument and the Wall of Remembrance are on a hill in the Voortrekker Monument Nature Reserve. In 2009 that a SADF Wall of Remembrance came into being. The monument commemorates members of the SA Defence Force who passed serving their country.

Wall of Remembrance – Lives Lost serving the Republic of South Africa

Wall of Remembrance and Voortrekker MonumentThe wall pays tribute to those who died during colonial wars, wars of resistance, Boer Wars, and World Wars. There was conscription for every White male in South Afric to perform national service.  Memorials such as the Wall of Remembrance are in honour of all those who died on duty serving the country. The construction of this Wall was possible thanks to private donations and contributions. It cost in the region of R650 000-00.  The Wall pays tribute to the members of the SADF who died in the service of the Republic from 1961 to April 1994. In that year the SADF became the SANDF.

Wall of Remembrance – A Heritage Treasure

The Voortrekker Monument is a unique heritage treasure, and today the monument is a fantastic venue for all forms of entertainment.

The huge granite structure is a popular landmark in Pretoria.

It honours the Voortrekkers who left the Cape Colony during the 1800s.

Gerard Moerdijk designed the massive structure.

It is a reminder of all the sacrifice and endurance during the Great Trek.

The Wall of Remembrance inauguration was in October 2009 and crowds of people were at the stunning occasion. The service is now an annual event and that it will take place on Sunday closest to the 31st of May. It is sad to see how after all these years, the pain and sorrow for the loss of loved ones is still very evident. There is an unfillable void left by a lost son or Settlers Memorial Grahamstownbrother for these relatives.


On this day people bring wreaths and crosses and lay them along the wall for this ceremony. The Voortrekker Monument and the Wall of Remembrance are unique cultural and historical attractions which draws roughly 200 000 visitors every year. An imposing statue of an infantryman who aggressively crouches in a battle pose watches over the memorial.

The Wal is beautiful. It is is visible and within easy reach for all visitors to the VTM Heritage Site and its very position makes this area popular for commemoration services. The area has also become home to the 32 Battalion Tree of Honour which commemorates the soldiers of 32 Battalion who lost their lives during the border war.

These were some of the words spoken by General Constand Viljoen during the inauguration –

‘The people whose names appear here, have not died in vain….Today we pay some of our own guilt to a group of soldiers and their families who sacrificed everything for the ideals of a free South Africa.’

Wall of Remembrance – Fascinating and Moving Experience

Today a visit to the Voortrekker Monument and the Wall of Remembrance will be truly fascinating and you won’ leave without being touched by the memory of those who fought so hard for their beloved country.

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