Death and Funeral Insurance

Say what you like, having insurance gives you peace of mind. You worry about your family. At least when you die with a funeral policy, money will be available for a decent funeral. It’s no good having money available long after the funeral is done and dusted; you need it when death occurs. Death and funeral insurance payouts should occur within hours of each other.

Fortunately, most funeral plans pay out within 48 hours, and there are those who pay out sooner. Death and funeral insurance is truly affordable. Some plans start at as little as R25 a month. And often you can also cover your family as well as your extended families, such as your aunts and uncles.

Get Funeral Insurance – It’s One Thing that Works!

South Africa has millions of  Zimbabweans staying in the country. They come looking for a job, but the lack of it causes desperation, anger, crime and many times death. Ideally, with this knowledge available to them, they should invest in death and funeral insurance BEFORE coming to the country. Fortunately, funeral insurance is one kind of insurance which is cheap. Even if you are unemployed, there are funeral plans which allow your working family members to add you to their plan.

Death and Funeral Insurance

Zimbabweans living in South Africa need to think of other exorbitant costs as well. So if a Zimbabwean dies in South Africa, without a funeral plan in place, getting the body back to Zimbabwe can be a logistics nightmare. Where are you going to get the money and transport? Have you thought of that?

Fortunately, you have companies such as Tough Times Transport. You can almost liken them to your knight in shining armour. It can be a load rolling off your shoulder when you sign up with one of the affordable, simple plans and you put ALL your funeral woes and transport issues into their legitimate, capable and caring hands.

Death and Funeral Insurance – Features of Tough Times

  • They’ve got satellite funeral offices right here in South Africa.
  • Tough Times will take care of all that complicated death documentation for you.
  • They offer funeral vehicles to get your family and friends to the funeral.
  • Tough Times takes care of all the arrangements to get the body across the border and back to Zimbabwe.
  • They provide plenty of useful add-on services included in the funeral package such as being able to have accesses to grocery and airtime vouchers.
  • They’re just a phone call away. On the date of death, there are always loads of questions and Tough Times Transport make themselves available to you 24/7.

Tough Times Transport wants to be known as those who provide confidence and peace of mind at what could be a tough time. They know funerals like the back of their hands. And the company only wants to deliver quality services that will take grieving people through a sad time. They know that Zimbabweans come to South Africa looking for a better life, better opportunities, and become jaded when they discover that this isn’t happening.


At least by being in contact with this very able, caring team, there is one area of your life that can be dealt with professionally and in the right way – it’s death. So don’t allow your family to have one more problem to deal with in South Africa – call Tough Times Transport today, and spare your family loads of additional anguish.

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