Why AVBOB is Different

When looking for the best funeral plan, there are so many options. You’ll quickly see that price can’t be the only deciding factor when selecting the best plan. The quality of services provided and the benefits that you can enjoy will also be important deciding factors. It is worth considering why AVBOB is different in all respects.

With AVBOB you get a wide range of valuable benefits. We take a look at what AVBOB is about and why AVBOB is different and what they offer, especially since they are Africa’s largest Mutual Assurance Society. They provide a one-stop funeral insurance and burial service solution. AVBOB claims that when you take out a funeral plan with them, you are becoming part of their large family.

Why AVBOB is Different – Always there for You

Why AVBOB is DifferentWith a slogan that says ‘we will be there for you’, from the moment you call AVBOB, qualified staff will be there to assist you with the arrangement of a respectable funeral.

AVBOB are one of South Africa’s most familiar funeral service providers with many branches around the country. You can call them night or day and they will be there to assist you with any funeral arrangements you might have. That’s just one reason why AVBOB is different from the rest.

Why AVBOB is different from other funeral cover providers is that instead of you having to make funeral arrangements at the funeral home, with AVBOB you can have all the arrangements sorted out in the privacy of your own home. They offer client support to private individuals, church organisations and businesses.

With AVBOB family funeral insurance, you will receive a cash pay-out, as well as optional funeral services. If your beneficiary claims from AVBOB, there is the option to make use of AVBOB to arrange the funeral and the opportunity to benefit from discounts and free services such as –

  • use of hearse
  • artificial wreath on coffin
  • chairs and tents at the grave site
  • up to R4000 discount on funeral
  • use of lowering device at the grave site
  • transport of deceased in South Africa
  • use of mortuary
  • artificial grass at the grave side
  • local telephone calls
  • registration of death


Why AVBOB is Different – Arranging the Death Certificate

AVBOB also arranges the issuing of the death certificate if a person passes away in hospital or at home. The attending doctor will issue the death certificate, but when death was because of unnatural causes, he will inform the police. Once the death certificate has been issued, the deceased is released to AVBOB. A representative will then guide and advise you with arranging the funeral service you want.

Another area where AVBOB is so unique is that they don’t only offer funeral services to AVBOB is There to Helppolicyholders, but they also grant services to private individuals which is done through different workers unions, insurance companies, church organisations, government officials and employer groups. If your employer or union is a mutual company of AVBOB, your family will be covered if you die.

Why AVBOB is Different – They’ve got You Covered

AVBOB simply takes care of everything, providing quality products and services, from the preparation of the deceased to a choice of coffin, funeral pamphlets to grave equipment and much more. They are a member of the National Funeral Director’s Association and are therefore committed to the Association’s code of conduct. They charge reasonable rates, maintain high ethical standards, they treat the deceased with care and simply act in the best interest of all who require their services.

AVBOB is known as the funeral plan services provider who can supply every product and all the services you require. That’s in a nutshell why AVBOB is different from other funeral undertakers. They manufacture coffins and tombstones as well as other funeral products and because customers get a bewildering amount of products and services ‘under one roof’, their very offerings push most customers towards making a lasting connection with them.

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