Affordable Funeral Plan for South African Family

When someone in your family dies, you will be pleased you chose an affordable funeral plan from Assupol.

We all know that when it comes down to costs, funerals can be very expensive. Assupol has been in the business for decades, with its history going back as far as 1913. Its clients put their trust in their insurance company. And this has contributed to it becoming a leader in the funeral insurance business. It’s a company that has designed its product to benefit South Africans, to lend a helping hand especially.

Affordable Funeral Plan – Benefits Before and After Death

Assupol Affordable Funeral PlanAssupol has ensured that their affordable funeral plan will make a difference in your life because you will be able to provide for your loved ones when you are no longer there. If you haven’t yet taken out Assupol funeral insurance, you could be leaving your family financially in dire straits should you pass away.

To give you the assurance that your family will cope after you have passed on, Assupol offers their affordable funeral plan named the Absolute Advantage Family Plan cover. In this Plan, you not only get funeral benefits – there is more included. Assupol firmly believes that its clients should benefit from their policies while they are still alive and well.

Affordable Funeral Plan – Singles are Covered Too

If you are single, there is their Single Plan while those with a spouse and children benefit too, with cover for up to five children. The maximum benefit cover is R50 000 in the case of a single person as well as for the family. For an additional premium, you can add more family members onto your plan but their age must not exceed 79.

For single people and families, you can expect to wait for a pay-out within a six month waiting period. This applies to the insured who has passed away from a natural death. You can also increase your premiums every year should you wish. For an additional premium, your family will benefit for six months after your death with an income to pay for all the bills that will be coming in and to keep the family afloat.

Affordable Funeral Plan – Extra Premiums, Extra Benefits

In the case of accidental death, and should you as a single person or a family increase your premium, there is another benefit in that there will be a double pay-out. For additional premiums, there are other benefits such as:

  • Guaranteed cash back, which means you receive monies every four years even if you do claim
  • Premium waiver. This is guaranteed insurance for your family. They won’t have to pay any premium after you have passed away
  • Premium waiver in times of retrenchment: There will be guaranteed insurance for you and the family without you needing to pay any premiums for up to six months, for instance, if you get retrenched from your job.

Assupol also has on-call assistance for HIV/Aids, medical assistance from a qualified nursing sister, plus ambulance assistance and other transport to assist in life-threatening emergencies. When the insured dies, you can avail yourself of:

  • Counselling in case of trauma
  • Assistance to children with tutoring
  • Financial matters advice
  • Discounts regarding the funeral

With such benefit to make use of, you cannot afford not to call Assupol it will be a decision you won’t regret.

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