Affordable Funerals for South Africa

Affordable funerals for South Africa today do not come cheaply. A funeral can cost the equivalent of buying a car. Many people do not plan for the eventuality of a funeral. Then, when a breadwinner passes on, families face huge financial expenses. In the USA a funeral can cost up to $10 000. Experts predict that in a couple of years it will be in the vicinity of $12 000, and the race is on to try and find affordable funerals that won’t cause bankruptcy.

Affordable Funerals for South Africa – Plan for Expensive Funeral

If you plan carefully, you can cut out some of the crippling expenses. But why are funerals so expensive? Like with most businesses, funeral homes and also cemeteries also want to make a profit for their business. A lot of the funeral homes are also owned by huge global corporations.

Affordable Funerals for South AfricaFuneral insurers will also try and sell you as much as they can – this way they make their profits. Funeral directors salaries come from the commissions they make on their sales. Families often buy into what the funeral director suggests. He usually suggests the more expensive options. Many times families don’t ever get to hear about the less expensive choices.

Affordable Funerals for South Africa – Don’t Let Funeral Directors Dictate to You

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with trying to run a profitable business, but there are some funeral homes that deliberately mislead many innocent and grieving consumers. Fortunately, South Africans have the Internet to find resources to help them with their funeral planning. In the USA there is a resource called the Funeral Saver’s Kit. That provides families with accurate and objective information to help them make their affordable cremation or funeral arrangements.

Affordable Funerals for South Africa – Do Price Comparisons with Funeral Products and Services

Often funeral homes will mark up their goods. It is good for consumers to know the prices of goods and services. It is important to make the right choices based on your preferences and budget. That is because what services or products you buy will impact on the cost of the funeral.

Sometimes a funeral director will just suggest a ‘traditional’ funeral to you which you accept believing he has given you the best offer. This could mean thousands spent on a casket, cemetery space, headstones, etc. But he might not have suggested to you that you could have chosen a cremation or a different type of funeral service. These days, because more families are opting for cremations, the funeral homes have raised their prices now for cremation services as well to keep their profit margins protected.

Affordable Funerals for South Africa – Don’t be Swayed in Your Emotional State

When someone we love passes away, we can become very stressed and vulnerable. We then still have to square off with well-polished and rehearsed funeral employees looking to work on our vulnerability for their large sales commission. Many families also don’t want to look like they skimped on funeral arrangements for a loved one. They therefore often end up paying exorbitant fees for services and goods they don’t need.

Affordable Funerals for South Africa – Negotiate for your goods and services

Never be afraid to tell your funeral director that you can buy certain of your funeral goods from other suppliers instead of their funeral home. The funeral director realises that you can source goods cheaper elsewhere and will then be ready to offer you a discount to keep their business.

It is just fortunate today that with the Internet and technology, it is now easier for families to beat funeral homes at their very own game and get affordable funerals for South Africa and also cheap life insurance.

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