Why You Need a Funeral Plan in South Africa Today

“Why do I need a funeral plan” you may well ask. Dying won’t cost me anything. I’ll be dead. Right?

Wrong. Did you know that an average funeral will cost in the region of R15000 to R30000, or that a top-of-the-range coffin can cost up to R30000 or more? Who is going to pay for that? Your family?

Maybe funeral plans used to be for the poor, but it’s not that easy to find large amounts of money at short notice before the will and other policies have been sorted out.

It’s getting more expensive to die these days.

That’s why You Do Need a Funeral Plan

Need a Funeral PlanNot anyone’s favourite subject – funerals. As a younger person, the thought of paying for your funeral barely crossed your mind.

Certainly, the time will come when it is too late to think about putting something away for that particular day.

So failing to take out a funeral plan provider could turn a smooth transition for those left behind into a nightmare.

What is a Funeral Plan Exactly?

A funeral plan is an insurance policy in which monthly premiums go towards covering the costs of the funeral for the deceased, and sometimes the members of their immediate family, lessening the burden both emotionally and financially on the family left behind.

However, insurance companies pay claims within 48 hours of receipt of the correct documents which ensures that the family have the available funds to see the funeral through without having to pay anything upfront.

Many insurance companies offer funeral policies as part of their life insurance policy as well as in the form of separate insurance packages. There are also different policy options to choose from with affordability in mind. The higher the monthly premium you pay, the better the cover you will receive.

Before taking out a funeral plan make sure what it covers:

For instance, does the policy include:

  • Transport of the deceased to a mortuary and a funeral hearse?
  • Transport for funeral goers?
  • Catering for mourners?
  • A Tombstone?
  • Casket/coffin?
  • Flowers?
  • Newspaper funeral notice?
  • Printing of funeral service/order of service programmes?


Some companies that offer funeral plans include:

Hollard – a direct to the public insurance selection including, among other, a funeral policy. Their funeral policy provides a choice of benefit levels to suit your needs. You take out one plan to cover all your family members.

A funeral plan can be set up to include your parents and your parents-in-law. That is if they are under 72 and they guarantee acceptance of all healthy persons under the age of 64. Also Hollard promises a 48-hour turnaround on you payout in the event of a death covered by the policy.

Real People – is a credit management group offering some different financial solutions to their customers. Significantly, one of their solutions is the 5 in 1 Family Care Plan providing some different packages which, they say, can be tailor-made to fit your requirements.

The 5 in 1 plan includes medical trauma cover, commuter cover, unemployment benefit, funeral cover and catering benefit to help you get through the financial aspects of burying your loved one.

Old Mutual – offer a range of choices with different features and benefits to tailor make your funeral plan to fit your needs.

FUNiSURE – claim to provide the lowest possible premiums to those who need a funeral plan and a claim turnaround of 24 hours.

Fenomenal Woman – has a family funeral plan compiled especially with women in mind, to ensure that your family are taken care of in the event of a death of a loved one.

So consider your circumstances carefully to establish whether or not you need a funeral plan.

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All info was correct at time of publishing