21st Century Life Funeral Plan

To cover your funeral and burial expenses you should look at the comprehensive funeral plan from 21st Century Life.

Relieve your loved ones of the costly expense of finding a large sum of money fast. Funeral insurance is just like your regular insurance policies. That is because with a funeral plan, you also decide on how much you will need to cover your funeral. Once you have worked this out, you’ll pay the insurer a monthly or annual premium.

It is a relief knowing that at the time of your death, your beneficiaries will receive money to pay for your funeral. With 21st Century Life, you get a funeral services provider who has carefully factored in all the expenses of a funeral. They offer different plans which cater for the needs of their policy holder- and cash clients. They cater for clients from all walks of life, remaining sensitive to the different 21st Century Lifereligions and customs of their customers.

So Many Useful Options from 21st Century

It can be comforting having 21st Century organise all arrangements for you. When you’re sad and downcast, you don’t want to have to contend with picking out a casket, the complex documentation and the way the funeral will be conducted. With 21st Century, you get all this done for you. They are able to organise funerals to your specific requirements and budget. They have a full team of people to assist their customers and more than 15 mortuaries found throughout the country.

A Funeral Plan Designed with YOU in Mind

21st Century Life offers a range of funeral cover options to suit your unique funeral needs. They make provision for different budgets which means you can apply for just R5 000 or you can opt for the R50 000 funeral cover. With 21st Century Life you can also start with premiums of R30 a month.

Their focus is on offering their customers products which are tailor-made to suit every person’s unique needs. This means that whether you a single individual, whether you are a single parent, whether your want coverage for your parents or even aunts and uncles, there is a funeral product designed with you in mind. They offer their 3-in-1 service such as –

● pre-funeral fund – you get a cash payout prior to the funeral
● the funeral service – 21st Century organizes a dignified funeral for you
● a full catering service

Value Added Services

The nice part when dealing with 21st Century Life is that they also offer value added services which they make available with each policy. This is a huge drawcard in that you don’t have to pay more to enjoy these benefits. These valuable services include –

● emergency medical services such as medical advice and emergency response at the scene of an emergency – this will be by way of road or air transportation
● legal support and documentation as well as a tax information helpline etc
● funeral support and repatriation -covers the transport of the body from various countries in Southern Africa back to South Africa for the burial in this country
● trauma and assault – R 5000 is made available to each eligible person for bodily injury and there is also the provision of psychiatric consultations
● HIV protection treatment – you benefit from having 3 HIV blood tests for each incident. The client will also be able to benefit from 3 psychiatric consultations with a specialist

A Ray of Hope

We all want a peaceful, dignified funeral, and 21st Century Life want to be there for you so that you can say goodbye to your loved one in the most dignified, stylish and meaningful way there is. Call 21st Century Life with any queries you have regarding funeral cover, and let them be a ray of hope for you when death interrupts your life.

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