How to Select a Tombstone

Choose a tombstone memorial carefully. That is because it is going to be a silent testimony to a life for a long time. A stylish memorial in stone is a lasting tribute to a beloved family member. Importantly, Martins Funerals are a leading funeral services provider. So they understand all the regulations surrounding tombstones. For instance, if placed in a public cemetery or in a churchyard, they should conform to the cemetery regulations.

Ideas for Tombstone Wording Readily Available

There are no serious rules on the choice of wording on the tombstone memorial. If you are lost for words, there are a selection of texts and phrases on the Martins Funerals website.  These give you an idea of what to use. They have literally hundreds of images for you to choose from. Or they will custom design something that you particularly want. Apart from words, you may How to Select a Tombstonewant to include a photograph, a picture or symbol particular to the deceased.

Martins Funerals have skilled craftsmen who can design a truly unique memorial. Once you have selected a design and the kind of wording you want, the craftsmen work to high standards to ensure engraving of exceptional standards. They know how the style and size lettering you opt for can affect the entire design of the tombstone. Grey and gold lettering are the most popular colours.

Granite Tombstone Has Longevity on its Side

Martins Funerals make use of beautiful marbles and granites and these stones come in different shades such as white/pink marble, African red range or Zimbabwe black granite among others. They want to make sure too that the monument you select is able to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. As the months become years and decades, the tombstone memorials from Martins Funerals will stand up to the test of time.

HIgh-gloass granite survives the harshest environment. Selecting a durable material such as granite for a gravestone ensures longevity and good looks. Marble, while also strong and beautiful, has one flaw in that inscriptions on marble tend to fade due to environmental factors. Granite is considered one of the best materials for a tombstone because it is affordable and robust. What is more granite is available in lots of colours such as green, white, blue and magenta and it can be carved to include inspiring epitaphs.

Choose a Shape Tombstone that Harmonises with the Surrounds

When it comes to choosing the shape of the stone for the memorial, a tip is to select a shape that harmonises with the surroundings and is a reflection of the life of the deceased. Martin Funerals will custom design a memorial stone to meet your unique needs.

The Best Tombstones Provide a Sense of Invincibility

When selecting a gravestone, Martins Funerals can show you many styles and designs so that you can choose those that reflect the departed loved one’s personality. A tombstone represents the deceased and you want to make sure you choose a stone from a reputable funeral services provider so that it is distinctive wherever it stands.

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