Funeral Selfies the Ultimate Vanity

One can hardly call funeral selfies a new trend. It had to happen sooner or later. These unoriginal pictures of people and their duck lips are everywhere even at funerals. Can’t someone at least be original and post a funeral selfie with sad lips?

Funeral Selfies – You’re So Vain

People can criticise all they like, nothing is going to stop this shallow vanity trend. In fact, the term narcissism is attached to funeral selfies. Although people take selfies all the time to feel they ‘belong’ to a certain community of people. Certainly at first glance, selfies, more so at a funeral, appear to be the epitome of narcissism. And the tech generation seems to be more concerned about belonging and could give a toss about decorum.

Funeral Selfies Tasteless

Height of bad taste

You’re so Vain’, a song by Carly Simon sums up the attitude of funeral selfies. People want the attention on themselves. They want all their social media contacts to see exactly where they were. And maybe they want a bit of sympathy as well. For them, there is also the temptation to see how many likes they can get for a post as well. It just so happens that most people who want to be seen are those in the 14 – 30 age group.

A funeral is a time to remember your loved one, but those who insist on taking funeral selfies and videos are often found posting disturbing images of themselves, making a mockery of what is traditionally a solemn occasion. The use of hashtags too is common and incorporated for linking and searching. The photos are being circulated on social sharing portals with the hashtag ‘#Funeral’ or ‘#Selfies at Funerals’.

Controversial Funeral Selfies

This weird and sometimes shocking phenomenon isn’t unique to South Africa either – it is something that is everywhere. In fact, maybe this kind of behaviour isn’t shocking at all. With the increasing role of technology in our lives, while the older generation may be alarmed by this seemingly absurd trend, for the younger generation it may simply be the shape of things as they are and who knows what might emerge in the future.

People do have different personalities, and your activities and what you post on social medical could truly damage your reputation. Social media is one of the important places that a potential employer will look to get the gist of the kind of person you are. a

Of course there are many people who hire a professional photographer to record the entire funeral so that the video can be watched later without all the stress and emotion of the funeral. Next of kin can then relax and re-live the eulogies, the music and the entire ceremony. Even in a video like this, there is always someone wanting to turn a funeral into a bit of a selfie photo shoot. With that regular selfie pout, the attention is going to be shifted from the deceased to ‘please see me as more interesting’.

Me, me, me – Its all about Selfies

Deceased people the world over would turn in their graves if they could see the way some funerals are conducted today. Social media is how the newer generations relate to the world, and the selfie has become a way of saying ‘this is me, this is where I am, this is what I’m doing right now and this is what I think about it’. Like it or not, even if you plan a traditional funeral service for yourself, there is bound to be a selfie-obsessed person there who will make sure the attention is removed from you and onto themselves.

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