What is a Crematorium?

People are coming up with all kinds of ideas to make death a more light-hearted occurrence. Usually it is a grey, sombre event. When it comes to being cremated in a crematorium new ideas are emerging. People are coming up with  ideas to ensure the cremated remains of their loved ones ‘live on’.

The ancient Romans cremated their dead. And then they had them ‘live on’ in themost exquisitely designed urns which held the cremated ashes. Archaeologists have found these in ancient cities.

What is a Crematorium – Special Building Materials for Intense Heat

Cremation is the process of burning the dead human body at exceptionally high temperatures. Modern Crematorium

The inside of the chamber therefore has to be built with materials which can withstand the intense heat. Expert builders line the inside of the chamber with heavy refractory bricks.

The floor and the ceiling of the crematorium are concrete. Of course there are different kinds of cremation chambers. But you can be sure they include high-grade steel plate and automatic controls. It is the structure that houses the cremation chamber which is known as the crematorium.

What is a Crematorium – Quick, Clean and Cost Effective

In the 21st century, more people are opting for cremation over burial because it is cheaper, while others believe it is the best way to get rid of decay or infectious diseases. Whatever the reason, more and more people are opting for cremation.

In a modern crematorium, the body stays in a cool room until it is ready for cremation. A coroner examines the body. He removes parts such as silicone implants or pacemakers. Once the incinerator reaches about 1,100°F, the mechanized doors open and the coffin-type container glides from a rack of rolling metal pins into the part of the crematorium known as the retort. The person in charge ignites the container and 2 or 3 hours of burning reduce the body to 1 to 4kg of ash.

A cremation is complete when there is no black ash and the remaining ash is white. There are many benefits to cremation, and it is becoming clear that cremation is on the increase because people see it as a quick, clean and cost effective way to dispose of a a dead body.

What is a Crematorium – You can Request to See the Body Entering the Cremator

Today, if you request it, modern crematorium also arrange for a witnessing service where they even allow one of the family members to press the button that initiates the burning process. Viewing of the body actually going into the cremator is becoming more sought after and families are also asking to see the equipment as well as the premises prior to cremation. You can request a tour of the crematorium and also find out if the technicians who work there are certified.

Regulations surrounding crematories vary from country to country. Investigations as recent as 2002 revealed some scandalous goings on with some independent, unlicensed crematoriums. Here many bodies were partially cremated and left in various states of decay because the crematorium had broken down.

What is a Crematorium – No Point in Plundering Crematoriums

Today, crematories must be inspected and licensed to prevent families receiving the wrong ashes and today in the United States, there are regulations in place where crematory operators have to receive training.

Crematoriums are going to be playing a bigger role in future generations as populations grow and space becomes less. Another aspect to consider is that the pharaohs of Egypt believed their burial tombs were forever. But just like our modern cemeteries of today, thieves plunder and vandalise them and they are sometimes dangerous to visit. Certainly in the 21st century we are going to be seeing many more crematoriums providing the public with a safe, eco-friendly resting place.

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