Fail to plan and you plan to fail. That applies to prepaid funerals too. Throughout life, to avoid chaos, we need to plan, and planning a funeral is one way we can make sure that we don’t leave our loved ones with a whole lot of turmoil after we’ve left this earth.

Planning a funeral requires thinking about- and communicating your wishes to your loved ones. By planning ahead you simply make the financial consequences of death that much easier for your family to deal with. Prepaid funerals ensure that you don’t leave chaos behind you for your next-of-kin to clear up.

Prepaid Funerals

Pay for Your Funeral Before You Die

Fortunately in South Africa,  prepaid funeral plans are vast and varied to suit every need.

Without a funeral plan in place, you may not be able to provide your next-of-kin with a dignified funeral.

Funeral plans pay for everything that the deceased wished for, and without a funeral plan, you can part with thousands of rand all at one time.

If you have never taken out a funeral plan, your family will have to make their own decisions and these might be in conflict with what you had in mind. Prepaid funeral plans allow you to inform your family what you want ahead of time.

Prepaid Funerals offer Locked-in Affordability

An affordable pre-paid funeral plan removes all the stress and desperation from this kind of scenario and the process is so simple as well. You must be 18 to take out a funeral plan in South Africa The value of a prepaid plan is that they help to cover all the expenses incurred with a funeral prior to death.

The funeral expenses covered can be individual or they can be for the entire funeral. Prepaying Prepaid Funeralmeans you get the funeral you want and no family member will need to have a financial burden placed on them for paying for your coffin and other funeral items and services.

A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan with Inflation-Protection

But what about prepaid funeral saving dropping behind because of inflation? It is imperative to do you research because you want to find a funeral director who can offer you a prepaid funeral plan where your funds are protected and controlled. You want to be 100% sure that if your funeral undertakers goes bankrupt, your funeral money will remain unaffected.

Prepaying for a funeral guarantees that the costs connected to the funeral will be met at the full funeral price as it stands in the future. A prepaid funeral plan needs to guarantee the cost of a basic funeral, and make a contribution towards other costs, allowing for the bulk of the expenses to be covered. The bottom line is to choose a funeral plan that comes with inflation protection.

Today’s Prices for Tomorrow’s Funerals

Prepaid funeral plans need to be fully guaranteed so that no matter how funeral costs rise, you won’t be paying anything more once the time for the funeral dawns in the future.

By paying ahead for a funeral at today’s prices, you will be protected from increasing funeral prices in the future. With a prepaid funeral plan you can have all the products and services covered that you want These plans are simply there to make organising a funeral so affordable and straightforward, freeing your family from financial burdens they may not be able to handle.

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