Eco Friendly Funeral Ideas

An Eco Friendly Funeral is something to consider. With the ever-increasing toll on the environment caused by traditional type funerals, people are looking for simpler and more graceful ways of giving back to the earth. They are opting for burying un-embalmed bodies in coffins made from bio-degradable materials. There is a yearning to return to nature. If you love the idea, here are 10 Eco Friendly Funeral ideas for a natural and simply-green send off.

10 Eco Friendly Funeral Ideas

  1. Cremation Reef Balls – instead of returning the ashes to the soil, they can now be converted to something that is environmentally beneficial. Eternal Reefs, for example, transform cremated remains into reef balls or artificial coral reefs. These support marine life.
  2. An alternative to cremation. Resomation is a system that makes use of alkaline hydrolysis in place of fire to break down the human body chemically. This method reduces greenhouse gas emissions by about 35% leaving sterile DNA-free liquid which gets returned to the water cycle. The left over bone ash goes into an urn for loved ones to keep.
  3. Eco Friendly Funeral Biodegradable urn. Bios Urn has created a biodegradable urn. It has been designed to house a tree seed and once the urn is buried, the tree starts to grow, leaving the urn to decompose. Eventually the whole structure becomes a part of the fertilisation of the tree.
  4. Bio-degradeable coffins – In the UK, wicker and cardboard are popular, but banana leaves, water hyacinth, bamboo and other natural textiles are used. Today, forget about mahogany coffins to bury the dead. Remember this has been sourced from our endangered rainforest trees. If you really care for the environment, opt for coffins made from sustainably sourced wood. These are made from 20% FSC-certificated wood and 80% waste wood.
  5. Traditional coffins. For those who really want to have a traditional coffin with the look of wood, but who want to be eco-friendly, you don’t have to resort to expensive hardwood. It is possible to choose coffins made from sustainably sourced  mix of waste wood.
  6. Eco friendly food. Often we get together with friends after a death where we serve eats and comfort foods. But a good Eco Friendly Funeral is to have a meat-free social event, using only locally sourced ingredients.
  7. Flowers. When it comes to flowers for the bereaved, remember that cut flowers come to you from a high environmental price. Instead of flowers, request that donations go to for instance an eco-minded charity that you select.
  8. Get me to the church on time. Get all funeral goers to plan on travelling together. Look at a website such as GoCarShare. You can imagine how this will keep the carbon footprint down.
  9. Cleaning up. After the execution of the will and in the event of a property being put up for sale  Ecover have on offer a range of environmentally-friendly products to clean house.
  10. A novel idea. You can always have your ashes turned into a vinyl for your loved ones. andvinyly. Their homepage quip says: ‘When the album that is life finally reaches the end, wouldn’t it be nice to keep that record spinning for eternity?’ Carefully thought about, there are a number of ways to organise an Eco Friendly Funeral to do your bit for mother Earth.

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