Burial Society Eliminates Funeral Problems

Coping with the death of a loved one is traumatic in itself. When you need to arrange a funeral, it can be a confusing and stressful time.  Through a burial society, Old Mutual have been assisting people with financial solutions since 1845.

They also offer funeral cover. Burial Societies in South Africa are not only for the elderly but for the young too.

That is because of the increase in the mortality rate because of AIDS. Burial Societies can be formal or informal groups of people who provide funeral benefits for those who belong to the group and for those who need support when one of their group dies.

Members Provide Support to Perform Burial Rites

Burial Society

Belonging to such a society will better help people prepare for a decent burial. And that’s because burial societies help when members need money in a hurry.

Some burial society members can get small loans. That is particularly useful when you can’t get a loan elsewhere.

The society absorbs some of the costs involved with all the cultural requirements of black funerals. They are formed by people, often from the same community, to cover the expenses of a member’s funeral.

Apart from providing the funds for the coffin and ceremony, burial society members also prepare food to feed guests. Burial societies have a large membership in South Africa.

Do You Want Your Burial Society to do More?

The primary role of a burial society support plan is to offer emotional and financial assistance to members in times of trauma, sadness and bereavement. Such help is most welcome as it provides much-needed funds to cover funeral expenses.

Burial societies in South Africa don’t offer formal insurance. They offer a kind of cash flow management or risk pooling. If you want your burial society to do more, and they are unable to, the Old Mutual Burial Society Support Plan corrects this. An Old Mutual Sales Consultant will assist you with all problems within the society.

Old Mutual Can Underwrite Your Burial Society

Many people trust Old Mutual with their money and their support. It is an established and reliable financial institution in South Africa. They introduced their Burial Society Support Plan in 2003. Today the Support Plan is suited for churches, clubs, NGOs, co-ops and stokvels.

Old Mutual is aware that there are burial societies in South Africa experiencing difficulties. These difficulties are in the area of record keeping and administration, high costs of transporting the deceased and lack of funds with too many claims. Therefore these problems cause stress and impact the society negatively.

This is where the Old Mutual Burial Society Support Plan steps in:

Struggling societies can get several benefits –

  • Low monthly premiums
  • Financial expertise – guidance is offered regarding premiums charged for the benefits provided, especially due to the impact of HIV/AIDS
  • Financial education workshops which advise on how to achieve financial freedom
  • Your burial society will have access to More4U Value Added Services. That includes legal and health support and well as emergency medical response, HIV treatment and funeral support with the backing of Old Mutual, a trusted and reliable insurer


Burial Societies are Meant to Lighten the Burden of the Bereaved

The Old Mutual Burial Society Support Plan offers sound advice and assistance to burial societies so that they can do the work assigned to them. Their job is to lighten the burden of the bereaved in their difficult time.

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