Coffins Are a Major Funeral Expense

Today, a funeral cost, in general, is becoming something to consider, especially when combined with the cost of coffins.

Delivering funeral services in South Africa has grown as an industry.

When searching for coffin manufacturers, one will find an extensive list of providers. Most of these providers just sell coffins and caskets, though.

Few therefore also offer funeral plans. Examples of several coffin or casket manufacturers are ‘Omega Funeral Ware’, ‘Cellar Craft Coffins’, ‘The Koles Group Coffins Manufacturers’ a hundred percent black owned South African business and more.

The cost of Coffins can Bury you Financially

Coffin prices have become quite expensive during the past years. In South Africa these days, there is a huge variety.

Manufacturers make coffins from different kinds of wood. They come in various shapes, the colour of these caskets differ, the handles on the coffins come in variety as well, and many more small details one realises when starting to search for coffins and caskets.

But other aspects that contribute to the ascending prices of coffins are coffins being built to prevent rust, coffins constructed to seal tightly as well as coffins made for aesthetic purposes. They can, therefore, cost anything from R8000 starting with a base choice and up. A solid bronze casket can cost up to R9 1000. The cremation process and using an urn instead is therefore definitely cheaper.


Funeral costs in South Africa Have Risen Dramatically too

Compared to a few years ago, the average funeral cost in South Africa increased considerably. On top of that, a funeral in African culture is always large-scale.

It is therefore highly recommended to take out a funeral policy especially when taking into account the cost of a coffin also, aside from everything else necessary for the funeral. Without funeral cover, it could cost several months’ salary for a family. Statistics show that in comparison with general wages, a funeral could cost between two and four months’ salary.

Of course the cost of a funeral depends on the requirements the deceased asked for in his last will. Things like religious ceremonies, food, clothes, flowers, cars, speakers and many more could add up to a big amount.

According to Mr. Ratswana, the general secretary of the Burial Society in South Africa, there are about 100 000 burial societies in South Africa. They are all competing for business, by using better cars, or a better sound system, etc.

Ratswana states that the average funeral costs R12000-R15000. This is already a big amount for anybody, not even to mention a jobless family. A cremation service is cheaper and costs around R8000, including the cremation service.

However there Is also Good News

Fortunately though, according to Jennifer Preiss, chair of International Network of Financial Services Ombud Schemes, more than half of South Africans already have some kind of funeral cover.

Although the budget might be tight in some jobless families or in big families where only one working member supports them, people seem to manage a monthly payment for funeral cover as well.

With the upcoming and developing middle class in South Africa, people take out the cover for funerals more and more – a positive point in South African economy.

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All info was correct at time of publishing