Eco-Friendly Cardboard Coffins

When it is time to say your last farewells to a loved one, the atmosphere of the funeral is made heavier with the formality and heaviness of the traditional wood and steel coffin. But now a company which hails from South Africa has come up with the idea of brightening up funerals with trendy, colourful cardboard coffins which are also eco-friendly.

The popularity of these upbeat coffins is evident by the fact that over 15000 of these coffins have been sold every year since 2011, and not only in South Africa but in countries across the world. Australia’s LifeArt is an international company showing great interest in these coffins with other countries like Germany and Belgium following suite.

People are looking at these coffins as a way of bringing a light-hearted, celebratory look and feel to an otherwise dreary, sombre occasion.

Cardboard Coffins – Let Your Coffin ‘Speak’



Typical Cardboard Coffins


Today, you get custom designed eco-friendly cardboard coffins to suit whatever takes your fancy. You can choose golf themes, surfer themes, animal or flower themes or anything you want. Some of these coffins are left plain white, allowing mourners to write messages on them, giving the person who has passed on a great send-off message.

The founder of these custom coffins is James Beattie. He thought up the idea while he was busy making shelving boards from re-pulped boxes or waste fibre.

Cardboard Coffins – Caring for the Environment a Top Priority

Lightweight boards are converted into coffins in a matter of hours and are able to withstand up to 500kg of pressure. Being used in cremations, it was proven that they produce 40% less carbon emission than wood. These new design coffins are trending all over the globe and people are starting to view a funeral more as a celebration of life.

If you feel it is too comical or too disrespectful and not for you, that is perfectly in order. For others, it is just an alternative to celebrate their lives. South Africans are still a bit slow with picking up on the trend towards more light-hearted funerals. There are still those who don’t bother about the environment and who don’t care how bad the economical situation is – their belief is to put on an expensive funeral that will outdo that of their neighbours.


Floral Coffins Made of Cardboard


The national air quality officer at the Department of Environmental Affairs, Thulie Mdluli, has reiterated that crematoriums and other industries be required to reduce the emission of carbon monoxide, nitrogen and mercury by the year 2020. Green funerals are about keeping the funeral service simple and pure but also elegant by returning to nature so the environment and its flora and fauna are not damaged.

Cardboard Coffins – Affordable and Environmentally Friendly

Leave the earth a better place. Think about an an eco-friendly funeral.

Many people are starting to give serious consideration to ‘green’ coffins that won’t create toxins and pollutants.

Start thinking about your own funeral and how you would like people to remember you. At the rate at which these affordable, eco-friendly cardboard coffins have caught on, they definitely deserve some serious consideration.

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