Planning a Low Cost Green Funeral

When people are looking to cut costs, dying and funeral costs don’t come into the equation.Without a funeral plan however, you may find yourself having to find money from somewhere to arrange a low cost green funeral. Funerals have become very expensive and you need to realise that you could be planning a funeral when you least expect it.

Death isn’t reserved for the sick and the aged, but it casts its icy fingers over babies and young people too. It makes sense to have a funeral plan in place as early on in life as possible to ensure your departure from this earth doesn’t leave a lot of chaos in your wake.

Low Cost Green Funeral – Every Funeral Director should Offer Green Burials

Eco-friendly funerals have become popular as more people try to stop the abuse that the planet Low Cost Green Funeralhas had to endure through the ages.

Green funerals are all about conserving the planet’s natural resources while helping you cut down on your financial resources too. A hardwood- and metal coffin can cost you anything between $1,000 and $7,000, while a green casket can start at about $100.

It is irritating that big names in the funeral industry such as Doves and Avbob don’t publish prices for the products and services they provide.

Green funerals are far more affordable because for starters, they don’t do embalming. Check each funeral home out though,and make sure they offer these ‘green’ services.

Low Cost Green Funeral – How Does Your Funeral Plan Pay Out?

The idea is to get to know your funeral home. People who work in the funeral industry and who keep records of surveys and trends in the funeral business, say that planning is imperative so that you know how much you want to spend.

Make sure, if you invest in a funeral plan, to make sure that you know how payment works. You can’t afford to wait weeks for payment – you want it paid out quickly so you can get on with planning,

Talk to the funeral director about payment because you know how difficult it can be to liquidate assets after a death. Visit some funeral homes and find out what they offer and what their prices are.

For more information you might want to read ‘The Good Funeral Guide’ by Charles Cowling which offers plenty of useful information on how to arrange suitable funerals.

The information in the book can be useful if you have a family member who is ill and for whom you could use some sound advice about planning a funeral.

Low Cost Green Funeral – An Affordable, Living Memorial

Every funeral director actually has a moral duty to see that they offer green burials. Eco-friendly funerals include being buried in affordable cardboard coffins. More people are looking at being buried in secluded woodlands.

They are paying next-to-nothing to have a beautiful tree or shrub as a living memorial and grave marker as apposed to a very expensive, cold granite or marble tomb-stone.

Low Cost Green Funeral – Let Nature Intervene

With more emphasis on simplicity and lightheartedness, green funerals are exactly that – rejecting the formal, stuffy type funeral for a more meaningful, affordable back-to-nature type of funeral.

There is no embalming and people facing departure from this earth are far more happier at the idea of being buried in a natural meadow as compared to the formality of a conventional cemetery. Green burial sites encourage the growth of trees, flowers and shrubs, adding beauty and greenery to the landscape.

Not so long ago, no one would have thought about green burials. Left to the expertise of funeral experts, we now have burials which aren’t cumbersome but rather simple, affordable and in keeping with nature. What more could you possibly ask for for your final resting place?

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