Buying a Grave Plot in Johannesburg

November 6, 2018

Just like throughout your life you’ve got lots of options, with death you’ve got options too. You can choose whether you want to be cremated or buried in a grave plot  and the choice you settle on will be dependent on beliefs, values and cost.

In most instances, cremation is less expensive than burial, but whatever your choice, there is plenty of information on the Internet to support your choice.

If you’re planning a burial, once again you have a number of options in terms of buying a grave plot and the way you go about paying for it.

Types of Grave Plot

●  Single plots – look around any cemetery and you will see that these are the most common type of plots, containing the remains of just one person in a coffin.
●   Plots for cremated remains – sometimes cremated remains can be buried in a grave plot alongside buried coffins. They take up such a little space, that sometimes more than one can be buried in a single plot.
●   Companion plots – these are two plots for a couple and are generally sold together. Sometimes the grave plots can be side-by-side, but other times, depending on choice, the grave plots can be one-on-top-of-the other. These plots are cheaper than the side-by-side plots.
●   Family plots – we’ve all seen family burial plots on farms, but sometimes a certain area in a cemetery is purchased and set aside for an entire family.

Fourways Memorial Park, situated in Fourways, Gauteng, is South Africa’s first exclusive private memorial park, and its beauty and organised plots make it that everyone would like to be Typical Grave Plotburied in such a peaceful place. Its design includes aspects from the American Funeral Home and Australian Memorial Garden concepts, and there are lovely landscaped gardens and lawns which provide a park-like environment.

The memorial park has many different facilities as well such as a chapel, flower shop and lapa to offer the bereaved the means to bury their loved ones in the way they desire.

If you would like, you are able to secure a burial site in this cemetery, providing peace of mind that your final resting place is secured. They have different sections where you can buy a burial plot, and they cater for specific groups such as the Lebanese, Chinese and Greek Orthodox community.

Other Burial Plot Sections

  • Berm Section – only a headstone is erected at each grave. Each grave makes provision for up to 3 burials. The dimensions of the grave are width 2200mm, length 800mm x 2400mm deep. There will be a re-opening fee charged for the 2nd and 3rd burials. You can check out their pricelist for prices of all of the burial plots.
  • General Memorial – traditional graves which can accommodate up to three burials. The dimensions are the same as in the Bern Section.
  • Family Estates – same dimensions as the other burial plots. Up to three burials are permitted and the person who buys a plot here is allowed to bury, landscape and inter ashes. Their family estates accommodate between 2 and 8 graves.
  • Child Section – children under the age of 5 are buried in this section. The dimensions for these graves are 1500mm x 600 mm x 1500 mm depth



Having trouble securing a burial plot for yourself or a loved one? If you’ve had trouble trying to find a piece of ground, it is best advised to consult a trusted cemetery in Gauteng on 011 465 1715 or 081 426 753, and have peace of mind that a suitable resting place has been secured for this event which comes up on you like a thief in the night.

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