B3 Funeral Services Packages – for Services Beyond Ubuntu

B3 funeral services packages help thousands of South Africans in times of loss. Yes, tossing and turning about an unexpected death in the family and all the costs related to it needn’t be your lot. In the funeral industry there are many funeral packages and services that can take care of everything for you – at a cost. Some such as B3 Funeral Services packages are truly reasonably priced. Some B3 Funeral Services packages are fixed in what they offer, while others allow you to select services from an itemized listing. They offer convenience and cost savings.

B3 Funeral Services – What Services do You Want?

It is a good idea to know more or less what kind of B3 Funeral Services packages interest you. It need be their most expensive funeral package. These kinds of packages may include services such as embalming and viewing services – things that you don’t want, especially if you’re looking more in line with a ‘green’ funeral.

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Some B3 Funeral Services packages are full of ‘extras’ or ‘frills’ which you don’t need or want either and which can turn out to be beyond your financial means. A burial funeral package will be more expensive than a cremation package because of the possible need for embalming, the plot of ground and the coffin.

Many people are looking at cremations now because they are cheaper than burials, there isn’t theB3 Funeral Services issue with ground being a scarcity and cremations also tend to be more environmentally friend. A typical no-frills cremation packages might include:

  • Attending to all necessary arrangements which includes handling all the death-related documents.
  • Provision of a memorial service.
  • Transfer of the deceased from the place of death.
  • Provision of a coffin and hearse to the nearest crematorium.
  • Cremation fees.


B3 Funeral Services – The Funeral Service Provider of Choice

The Batho Batsho Bakopane group, easier known as just B3, is an authorised financial services provider established in 1991. With their motto being ‘For Service Beyond Ubuntu’, it is their aim to be the funeral service provider of choice. Their aim is to offer their customers tailor-made products and services of value.

B3 have gone beyond providing only for the actual funeral, and they offer other products that cater for their customers before and after the funeral. They have funeral consultants who work 24/7 to ensure your loved one gets a worthy send-off. With their funeral packages, you can get a host of services to choose from so that you don’t have to think of a thing. Just some of them are:B3 Funeral Services Vehicles

●  Removal of body within 50 kilometer radius complete with body pre-cooling.
●  Body registration and preparation of the death certificate – processing of death certificate at Home Affairs.
●  Body preparation.
●  Coffins – with lowering device.
●  Funeral accessories – different kinds of tents, chairs, tables, executive toilet, screen, casket spray, funeral programmes and notices, flowers, sound systems, granite grave marker, hand-washing dishes and stands.
●  Hearse, 2 family cars.

As an example, their Premier Plan Funeral Package is R95 a month. Their other funeral packages include – The Plan K-Plus, the Premier Plan, the Senior Citizen Plan, the Presidential Plan, the Executive Plan A Class, the Executive Plan B Class, the Executive Plan Class as well as the Executive Plan D Class. Whichever funeral package you settle on, you’ll find B3 easy to use – why not tick the B3 boxes and see for yourself?

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