Funeral Insurance for People 85 and Older

With Funeral insurance for people 85 and older Its good to know that you’re never to old to get funeral cover. The Bible says in Psalms 90:10 that ‘the days of our years are threescore years and ten’ and yet people these days are living to well beyond 70.

Many centenarians brag with excellent health. Where service providers were once reluctant to provide any kind of services to those beyond their 3 score and 10, these days they’ve had to re-look this age sector and make provision for their outwitting and outliving many youngsters of today.

Most people don’t fancy the idea of thinking of funeral cover, especially when they are young and in good health. As you get older you inevitably become more frail and then you sometimes find that if you try to invest in life insurance, medical aid and funeral cover, it is declined.

There IS Funeral insurance for people 85 and older

Funeral insurance for people 85 and olderJust like when you are young, it pays to shop around for funeral plans because prices can vary. If you have already been declined insurance for 85 and you are now apprehensive about applying for any kind of insurance, don’t give up. There are reputable funeral homes that offer excellent products specially for seniors.

Look at Essential Life for instance – their funeral cover for seniors starts at 66 and goes right up to 90. This can provide peace of mind that loved ones don’t have to fork up for an expensive funeral. The Essential Life 86-90 Funeral Cover takes care of funeral expenses, and it provides value for money benefits while ensuring that premiums are kept low.

For example with Essential Life, cover amounts of R3 000 or R5 000 are available. A huge perk is that it pays out valid claims within 6 business hours after receipt of the required documents. Older folk have access to benefits such as a 24 hour telephonic advice line as well as knowing that when they pass away, their next of kin will enjoy assistance with the arrangement of the funeral as well as assistance with death certificates and documentation surrounding death.

Have you Considered Whole Life Insurance?

Whole life insurance is cover which lasts for your entire life while you are paying your premiums.  It features cash value guaranteed premiums and death benefits.

The death benefit is a guaranteed amount and your premiums are a set amount that can’t be increased. You can either opt to make smaller premium payments during the policy’s life or you can opt to make larger payments over a shorter period of time.

When you pay premiums on a whole life policy, part of each payment accumulates as a cash value. What is beneficial is that the insurance company will invest the cash value which will increase the tax deferred as long as the policy is active. A welcome aspect is that you are able to borrow against the cash value, but that interest will be subtracted from your death benefit.

Young or Old –  There IS Cover

So if you’re getting on in years there is Funeral insurance for people 85 and older. All older South Africans can benefit from insurance so that unexpected emergencies are catered for. There are reputable insurance providers who make provision for South Africans beyond their 3 score and 10. They can enjoy the latter years of their life secure in the knowledge that when death comes, the costs are covered by their policies and not by their families.

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