Why You Need a Funeral Plan

Death is a certain event, even for the young and you may as well prepare for it. No one likes the idea of preparing for a funeral. However, it is something you must do if you are a thoughtful person. This article explains why you need a funeral plan. You want there to be an immediate payout after your death. Then family members don’t have to find the money to cover your funeral expenses.

Why You Need a Funeral Plan – Expensive Luxury These Days

Funerals can be expensive. And just knowing that your family won’t have to pay for your funeral is reason enough to get funeral insurance. Funerals can run into thousands of Rands. There are very few people who have got that kind of money available at short notice. Cashing in a life insurance policy takes a long time and is not a suitable solution. By paying an affordable amount each month, your family won’t have to bicker between them as to where the money is Why You Need a Funeral Plancoming from to cover the costs of your funeral.

Why You Need a Funeral Plan – Help to Organise the Funeral

Trying to organise a funeral while grieving can be overwhelming and whether you want to be cremated or buried, having a funeral plan in place can help you cover the cost of your funeral plans. Getting a funeral plan is easy too, and there are many options to choose from, and some which are so affordable that everyone with some form of earnings can afford one.

Why You Need a Funeral Plan – Affordable Assistance

There are some plans where you can pay between R75 and R100 a month for funeral insurance of R15 000 for a single person. These affordable plans don’t require you to undergo any medical tests, and you basically just need to be a permanent resident in South Africa to apply. With a funeral plan you’ll get cover for a range of different things. The beauty about funeral cover is that you can take out cover for yourself, your own family as well as your extended family.

Why You Need a Funeral Plan – Partnership with Experts

Taking out funeral insurance is all about having the costs of a funeral catered for when death comes for a family member. Martins Funerals have affordable funeral plans for people to consider even when they are young. In fact it is possible to sign up for funeral insurance even when you are 18 years of age. Martins Funerals offer funeral plans for individuals as well as families and up to 6 children. Funeral cover is also available for the extended family such as aunts, uncles and even friends. Martins Funerals also provides funeral plans for pensioners.

They also provide for extended family members (aunts, uncles and friends) that can be added to your policy. Also they provide funeral plans for pensioners.


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