African Unity Right Cover

African Unity Right Cover is for people looking for good funeral cover and affordable funeral plans that will give them a great deal.

However It is always a good idea to get at least 3 quotes from a number of reputable funeral service providers and to  buy a funeral policy from a well known financial institution. You’ll be able to simply fill in their online form and a consultant will call you back to discuss what they have on offer and what suits your particular lifestyle.

Tailored Long-Term Insurance Products

African Unity Insurance Limited provides tailored funeral cover solutions. As a provider of long-term insurance products, their solutions are hand-crafted to meet the unique needs of their diverse customers. They offer comprehensive coverage and competitive premiums.


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African Unity Right Cover also has licensed administrators and brokers always standing by to offer full support and advice to their customers.

African Unity Right CoverAfrican Unity Right Cover for a Tailored Funeral Policy

Founded in 1967, African Unity is an investment company. They offer the full spectrum of products as well as funeral cover tailored to suit your needs in every respect.

Their risk policyholders are mainly lower to middle income families looking for value-for-money products in keeping with their income. African Unity Insurance Limited is also licensed in terms of the Long Term Insurance Act to provide risk benefits to approved Pension Funds.

Following is a List of Risk Benefits You Can Expect:

  • Funeral benefit.
  • Permanent disability.
  • Temporary disability.
  • Permanent health insurance.
  • Educational cover.
  • Spouse cover.
  • Group life cover

Let’s see what else African Unity Right Cover offers.

  • Their standard benefit includes a pre-determined cover amount for the main member.
  • Their spouse and children.
  • Extended family funeral benefits.
  • A host of funeral support services such as trauma and assault assistance, repatriation of mortal remains, HIV counselling, increased cover with accidental death as well as support and education.


Money in Your Pocket in 48 Hours

When someone dies, there aren’t many people who can arrange an expensive funeral at a moments notice. They need financial support. African Unity Right Cover funeral plans are all affordable and require no medical examinations. Their claims are paid out within 48 hours when supplied with the correct documentation,

It will save you having to beg for money from people reluctant to part with their bucks and provide you with the means to go ahead with funeral arrangements.

Another worthwhile Benefit

Should the principal member pass away, be retrenched or suffer permanent disability, African Unity Insurance Limited’s group Credit Life provides the assurance that outstanding credit or loan amounts up to R30 000 will be settled. In this day and age, with debt so rife, this is a worthwhile benefit.


All of African Unity’s products are subject to waiting periods and exclusions. Costs of funerals have gone up significantly just recently, and with a basic funeral costing in the region of R7 000, there are many who resign themselves to pauper funerals. Affordable funeral insurance from African Unity is a trusted way to plan ahead and ensure a decent funeral for your next of kin.

Protect everything Dear to You

Where do you need trusted cover? In your business- or personal life? In all areas of our life we’re going to experience loss, and the only way to make it more bearable is to be prepared and to insure ourselves against risks. African Unity Insurance offers a wide range of long term insurance products, and you can protect all that is dear to you by calling African Unity Insurance on 0415 824 577 or on their website

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