Buying a Hearse? The pros and cons

Buying a Hearse or funeral coach which  is a vehicle used to carry a coffin from a church or funeral home to the crematorium or the cemetery is not on everyone’s list. However there may be several reasons, usually professional, why one should buy a hearse, but its not too often one hears of someone buying a second-hand one for the sheer pleasure of doing so.

Though typically used by funeral homes, anyone can be in the market for buying a hearse. Perhaps owing to the morbid nature of the hearse, or just to its luxurious interior, believe it or not the hearse has a number of enthusiastic collectors who own and drive these retired funeral coaches. The fact is they are beautifully finished and well built.

Interesting Bits and Pieces about buying a Hearse 

Buying a hearse

  • Major restorations and installations to modify a hearse take about 10 months to complete.
  • About 7 adults can sit comfortably in the back.
  • Most hearses are incredibly powerful and all have a V8 engine.
  • Hearses don’t usually have more than 20-40,000 miles on the clock.
  • A hearse will usually cost you more than an old Cadillac, and less than a new one but at least you’ll own a Cadillac.
  • Knowing that your hearse has probably carried thousands of dead bodies usually spooks people.
  • Wherever you drive with your hearse, you will always attract attention.


The Advantages of Owning a Hearse

Its had a fairly easy life, having been driven with care, out of respect for its passenger and grieving families. It can’t be beaten for smooth and dignified travel and is large and comfortable.

A hearse is also suited as a practical carrier for large containers and boxes and it has a high-performance engine. The caskets it carried were generally heavy so a large engine makes the ride easier and of course black is fashionable, and is always associated with status and class.

Buying a hearse maybe isn’t such a Good Idea

What about the morbidity of driving around in a vehicle that has carried many people to their final resting place and due to the big engine it’s heavy on fuel plus parking, and parking-bays will always be a problem.

The older the hearse, the more you can expect to pay, as these become collectors items however the neighbours could be very upset at having a hearse in such close proximity every day.

Parts are hard to find. Windscreens are custom-made and expensive engine problems in models older than 1970 can be difficult to repair besides hearses are targets for vandals, thieves, and hearse-haters.

Buying a Hearse – Styles of Hearses

Most hearses are designed and made as sedans which have been converted. They are mostly built on a Cadillac chassis, but other popular styles are based on Buick, Lincoln, Oldsmobile and Pontiac. Some hearses have a full window all the way around – Limo style. Others have a chrome bar on each side of the casket compartment -Landau. These two are the most popular but there are other combinations as well.

Tales from the Crypt

There will always be eerie stories told of hearses, and there will always be people fascinated by them. It is difficult not to have strong feelings about anything to do with death – including hearses. In 1980 there was a horror film released ‘The Hearse’, a supernatural, psychological thriller. In April 2011 a song was also released, written and performed by Brillig. The morbid choice is yours, do you really want to buy a hearse?

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