How To Organise a Memorial Service Which Brings Healing

The beauty of a memorial service is that it can be held anytime you wish.

It’s a ceremony for memorialising someone who has passed away.

How to organise a memorial service is often determined by the wishes of the deceased person. You could even do it in the Kruger National Park.

Memorial ceremonies are a way to say goodbye. But many people aren’t sure how to proceed with preparations for a memorial service.

People tend to structure memorial services around religious influences. But the truth is there are no limits to what you want to organise.

Certainly, people are no longer adhering to the rituals of traditional memorials. Rather they are rather opting for a more lighthearted approach.

They are celebrating their loved ones’ life in a more personalised way.

There is No Longer Formal Structure to a Memorial Service

Memorial ServiceA memorial service in the bush or on the beach is not uncommon these days. There is no formal structure which is set in stone surrounding how to organise a memorial service.

There are lots of options today when planning a memorial service for yourself or for someone you love.

Memorial services can be traditional with music, flowers, tributes and prayers. They can also be secular and include photographic displays and other memorabilia and be absent of music or speeches altogether.

In South Africa, some believe that if the family does not observe the correct funeral and memorial rites, then the deceased may return to avenge the living relatives.

Certainly, African funerals are community affairs.

And often the entire community shares in the grief of the bereaved and shares in all the planning around it.

Whatever form your memorial service takes, then organising can help you face the service with confidence and a calm head. With good advice and tips, you’ll be able to act like a pro in front of all your family and friends.

Let the Deceased’s Personality influence the Planning of the Service

Find out if the deceased had a preference for a memorial service – maybe a favourite restaurant – and think of places that you and your friends and family would accept. Decide how to notify everyone of the service and remember to consult any pre-planned preferences the deceased had.

Select a location and don’t forget to take into account space, special considerations such as scattering the ashes and most importantly the weather, especially if you plan on an outside service.

Be sure to personalise the service and try to make it so that it honours the person who has passed away and is a reflection of who they were. The music, flowers and photographs should be in keeping with the type of person the deceased was.

Family members and close friends can be a mine of information for all those small, personalised details that will put a special touch to the plans you have.

Ensure Peace Reigns on Memorial Day

When you organise a memorial service, you can select any theme or venue you like. Just remember the one who has passed away and spare a thought of what they would have liked.

A little bit of common sense and a wish to ensure things run smoothly and peacefully will ensure that you’ve helped to ease the burden of the deceased person’s family and friends. They are about to start a new life without their loved one in their midst, and a peaceful service will make the transition that much easier.

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