There are Rules for Scattering Ashes in the Kruger Park

Scattering ashes in Kruger park has become a problem for the South African National Parks board. SANP is the manager of many parks in South Africa, of which the Kruger National Park is one.

Many inconsiderate people in the past have taken the law into their own hands. Consequently, they have decided that this beautiful, natural wonder is the place for throwing the ashes of their dear departed.

And some people go so far as actually depositing the casket of ashes in trees or behind.

Scattering Ashes in Kruger Park – Proper Procedures Protect the KNP Environment

Scattering Ashes in Kruger Park

Illegal Urns and Photos Removed Recently from the Kruger Park

That worries the South African National Parks’ management . So they remind the public needs that there are proper procedures for the scattering of ashes in the Kruger National Park.

The practice of scattering and depositing caskets of ashes has actually been in place for many years. But more recently, it has reached a stage where this practice is becoming out of hand.

These days management are finding all kinds of containers, urns, crosses and other kinds of remembrances attached to rocks and trees, at look-out points and many other structures across the Park. Definitely, you may not do this in this beautiful park and the practice is destroying the entire aura of the place.

Scattering Ashes in Kruger Park – Removal of Foreign Objects

Scattering Ashes in Kruger Park

Game Ranger removes plaque illegally attached to a rock in the Kruger Park

There are those who are scattering ashes in the bushveld without the permission from Management. And officials remove these on discovery.

The offenders do not realise, or just don’t care, that these memorials and remembrances are almost like an eye-sore in the natural environment. They simply detract from the peaceful and beautiful ambience of the Park.

In addition, people who are doing this are contravening the National Environmental Management: Protection Areas Act No. 57 of 2003. Apart from that, is shows disrespect for visitors of the park who have a genuine interest in observing nature and animals in the Park and don’t want to feel as if they are visiting a cemetery.

Scattering Ashes in Kruger Park – Show more Respect to Nature

Scattering Ashes in Kruger Park

Some illegal symbols and memorials recently found and removed from a tree in the Kruger Park

So if you as a visitor to the park want to fulfil your loved one’s wishes to have their ashes scattered or left in the KNP, then you need to receive permission by Management.

The relevant staff of the Kruger National Park will then be able to show you the proper area for this. That will be in line with conditions and relevant legislation.

In addition, no private ceremonies may be held that will impact on flora or fauna in the park, or on the other visitors who have come to experience the majestic environment.

The public also need to understand that being granted approval for a request does in no way constitute any current or future unrestricted and free access to the Kruger National Park. It will also not allow exclusivity for family members over any other visitors that come to the Park.

Scattering Ashes in Kruger Park – There will be Fines

Placing urns, crosses, rocks and wreaths in the bush is not allowed, and if you are discovered doing this you will simply be liable for a fine, and you will have your memorial removed as well.

Enquiries: William Mabasa

General Manager: Communications and Marketing, Kruger National Park

Tel: 013 735 4363, Cell: 082 807 3919

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All info was correct at time of publishing