Funeral Plan for Retirees from Old Mutual

A funeral plan for retirees from Old Mutual will ensure you get the plan that is going to be best for your family.

However, it’s important to make sure that you know all the different funeral plans, so that you can make the right decision in buying the right policy.

There is a funeral plan for retirees and there are some great funeral plans for a young family. To make the right decision on which policy to buy, here is important information about the two different funeral plans from Old Mutual.

Details of the funeral care plan from Old Mutual

Funeral plan for retirees from Old MutualThe funeral care plan from Old Mutual starts from R31 per month. The benefit amount for this plan start from R50 000 and can be increased to R70 000.

For the R70 000 plan you are going to pay R39 per month. With this option there are some other benefits that you will not get with the R31 premium plan.

You will get accidental death coverage and depending on the type of plan you choose from the care plan, you can get double accidental death coverage too.

You will be able to get money back after every 36 premiums that have been paid, if you are taking the R70 000 benefit option.

With the funeral care plan from Old Mutual, no matter if you go for the R50 000 or R70 000 option, you are going to receive some other, important benefits. Benefits like funeral support and Retirement Paid-Up Benefit.

A Funeral plan for retirees might include the Greenlight final expense plan

With the Greenlight final expense plan from Old Mutual you are getting a total of R100 00 back in cash. This is the best funeral plan if you are not single and have a family.

With this option you, as the main member, will be insured for R50 000, your spouse will be insured for R5 000 and your children will also be insured for R5 000. You can even add four extended family members that will be insured for R5 000 each.

They will pay out without 48 hours after receiving the correct documents. Not many other funeral plans have this to offer. This funeral plan is available for HIV positive clients also.

Reaching the age of sixty five

When you reach the age of 65, the premiums will stop, but you and your family will still be covered. This is a great benefit of all the funeral plan options that Old Mutual has to offer their clients. Making this a great option for coverage when you are retired and above the age of 65.


There are many places where you can get funeral plans. But, at Old Mutual, you get more than one option, so that you can get the premium you and your family will need. The premiums start from as little as R31 per month, and you will get money back after you have paid 36 premiums.

However, this option isn’t available for all funeral plans. If you are a retiree, you will not need to pay any more installments, but you will still be covered.

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