Helping You to Plan Your Funeral

It is a costly business to die but what happens if you didn’t plan your funeral?

Funerals around the world are becoming ridiculously costly, and those in the funeral business know that death is inevitable.

Every one of us needs to call on a funeral director at some time in our lives. If you plan your funeral way before you have a better chance of it being decent..

Funerals and the costs associated with them leave many people unable to meet their day to day needs.

Phenomenal Funeral Costs around the World

Plan Your FuneralIf you don’t have a lot of money, you can still plan to have a simple but dignified funeral. Don’t, however, be taken in by unscrupulous funeral homes during your time of grief when you aren’t thinking clearly. These funeral homes often show grieving customers their very fancy caskets and, in their confusion, customers settle on these.

The only way to avoid this dilemma is to plan your funeral ahead. You should set aside a small amount each month on a funeral policy. So that come the day, planning a funeral doesn’t become a dreaded nightmare.

What are the costs of funerals elsewhere?

  • Japan is one country where funerals are mostly cremations. The national average funeral is about 2.31 million Yen, but going by what the Japan Consumer’s Association claims, ceremonies which are lavish affairs, can cost up to ¥1.42 million.
  • New York is an expensive city, and like in many other cities around the world, more people are opting for cremation. Graveyard services can cost about $10,000 while in the Big Apple a cremation service will typically be between $2,500 and $4,000.
  • In South Africa funerals can vary in price from R7,500 to R70,000 depending on the budgets of this very diverse nation Certainly in South Africa, for many people, planning a funeral may mean the equivalent of 3 or 4 months salary.

So how can you avoid having to pay out so much?

Trying to find that amount of money causes disharmony amongst family members. The best way is to plan ahead, to do research and find out what each funeral plan offers. Funeral costs aren’t just about the coffin, but notices, flowers, music, food, transportation, phone calls and so much more. There are many small, seemingly insignificant ways to cut down on funeral costs but they can make a big difference in saving costs.

Investigate Cremation When You Plan Your Funeral

Death can be a pricey business. A very effective way to reduce the financial burden of a funeral is to look at a pre-paid funeral plan. By having this paid for in advance, it can save families from taking out a loan to cover funeral costs.

Cremation a Real Option

Remember too, that more and more countries around the world are looking to cremate the dead as land for cemeteries becomes limited. Do research and you will quickly see that there are certainly ways you can cut down on funeral costs, but which will still ensure your family member has a meaningful and dignified burial.

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