Assupol Advantage Funeral Plan Premiums

Assupol advantage by Assupol direct is a great funeral plan for you and your family. With this plan, there are more than just funeral benefits offered.

Assupol direct believes that you should also benefit from the policy, while you are alive as well.

There are two basic options for the Assupol advantage funeral plan premiums. They are the Single Plan and the Family Plan. Here is some key information about the two different options of the Assupol advantage funeral plan:

Main benefit of the Assupol Advantage Funeral Plan

Assupol AdvantageThe main benefit of the funeral Single Plan is that you get R50 000 coverage in order for your family to organise and pay for your funeral. This is a huge amount of money that not many funeral plans have to offer.

For the Family Plan, you and your spouse will each get R50 000 for planning and organising a funeral should one of you die. The surviving spouse will still be taken care of and receive money to pay for the funeral.

Assupol advantage – for a Family or a Single person

If you take out the Assupol advantage funeral Single Plan you’re going to be the only one covered by this plan. This is normally the plan for a person that is still single and has no children.

With the Assupol advantage funeral Family Plan you, your spouse and your first 5 children will be covered by the policy. Meaning, that you will have a funeral policy for each of your family members. If you have more than five children, only the oldest five will fall under this funeral plan.

Waiting period

For both the different Assupol advantage funeral plan premiums you will have a six months waiting period for a natural death. But, you will have immediate cover for an accidental death.

Meaning that you will only be covered after the first six months after you pay your first premium.  But, this doesn’t include an accidental death.

Other Benefits

It is important to know some of the other benefits that the Assupol advantage funeral plan will include, for instance you can choose between a 6% or 10% increase that you want each year. This will be available on both the different funeral plans.

With an additional premium, you can ensure that your family is getting a monthly income for the first six months after your death. This is also an option for both funeral plans.

With an additional premium, you also get money back every four years. Even if you claim. Having a great funeral plan for you and your family is really important. This is to make sure that your family is looked after when you are no longer there.

With the Assupol advantage funeral plan, you can get two options to choose from. Both these funeral plans offer great benefits and options that will ensure that you don’t leave your family in financial difficulties.

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