Cemeteries – Finding New Ground in South Africa

April 7, 2016

Cemeteries and finding new ground for them are just one of the many challenges facing South Africa.

Most cemeteries are bursting at the seams as there is not much available space left for creating new burial grounds

Municipalities are stuck with the same problem as there is inadequate land for development in most built up areas.

Burials form part of an essential ceremony in personal, familial and community lives and without enough space it is becoming a major concern. Land is more likely to be allocated to urban sprawl than a place to rest.

CemeteriesAlternative Ideas for Cemeteries in South Africa

Most people in South Africa are against alternative ways to bury people. They are sticklers for tradition but the fact that there is not much land available it’s getting important to consider other ways to save space.

Some of the alternative burial proposals instead of the Traditional :

  • Recycle old graves from another era.
  • Using an existing family grave and placing another coffin on the first.
  • Cremation.
  • Combining cemeteries and other social facilities.

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There are People who are against these alternatives

Alternatives to traditional burials are possible, but there some serious problems to overcome. South Africans aren’t really keen to see their traditions and beliefs changing to something they don’t know.

For the Christians of South Africa, burial means to bury their loved ones in a grave and put up a gravestone to remember their loved ones. This tradition is centuries old and would be virtually impossible to change.

Traditions vs. Available Land for cemeteries

Even if every country respected the traditions of their people, the amount of land available for creating burial space should also be taken in to consideration,

South Africans that believe in traditional burials, should try and see the bigger picture by considering Cremations as a also a viable option.

During the last couple of years, cremations have become more acceptable as it is cheaper than a burial and doesn’t require an ornate coffin or land for the grave.

Also more people are informing themselves on the viability of cremation and the benefits that go with it. More importantly they understand that there are other options.

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