AVBOB Cashback Funeral Cover

AVBOB Cashback Funeral Cover is just one of the amazing plans AVBOB have on offer.

AVBOB is Africa’s largest funeral service provider with some 150 branches just in South Africa. They have grown steadily since they started way back in 1918.

AVBOB Cashback Funeral CoverThe Bloemfontein Begrafnisfonds started in Bloemfontein in 1919. This fund then changed its name to Afrikaanse Verbond Begrafnis Onderneming Beperk (AVBOB).

Consequently this became a one-stop funeral insurance and burial service solution.

With their funeral policies, AVBOB’s mission is to take away all the problems associated with the death of a loved one.

AVBOB Cashback Rewards

Most people don’t relish the idea of  month by month paying for insurance, never claiming and never getting anything back.

With AVBOB, things are a bit different. They offer AVBOB cashback funeral cover. Even if you don’t claim, you will get some of your premiums back.

It’s a way of thanking policy holders for their loyalty and for month after month, year after year, paying a premium and never putting in a claim.

AVBOB cashback funeral cover is great because you get some of your premiums back in cash every 5 years.

People automatically assume that with cashback funeral cover you’re not going to be able to enjoy the same benefits but this isn’t so.

AVBOB cashback funeral cover comes with all the same benefits, and in fact you have the option to choose if you want cashback or not.

AVBOB Cashback – there’s Money headed your way

If you choose this option, you will get back 1 year’s premiums every 5 years if you don’t put in a claim. The amount is paid back to you in cash for you to use the money as you wish.

For example, if you opt to pay R200 a month, over 5 years then you will have paid R12 000. As a result your cashback after five years will be R2 400.

See not claiming as a form of saving

Saving money on insurance in today’s difficult times is a plus and the AVBOB cashback funeral insurance is an excellent place to start.

Remember that the cashback insurance policy has the same benefits as the normal policy and that cashback is an optional benefit.

AVBOB recommends that you opt for the cashback option when you get an AVBOB funeral plan quote. This means you will get back a percentage of your regular payments for not putting in a claim.

Why don’t you speak to an expert at AVBOB about their cashback funeral cover. Go online and fill in their form, they will phone you back straight away.

A few of the main benefits of the Cashback Funeral Cover are –

          • You can decide on the cover level you want.
          • A huge bonus is that if you pass away from unnatural causes your beneficiaries will benefit from a double pay-out.
          • The insured’s next-of-kin will continue to be covered under the AVBOB policy.
          • The Cashback funeral policy covers both sets of parents. Yours and your partner’s parents can be covered.


With AVBOB you’re Never a Loser

AVBOB makes everything easy for you because they want you to score and they allow you to make your payments each month in cash, debit order or stop order.

Isn’t it time you considered AVBOB as you don’t want to be a loser.

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