ABSA Funeral Cover Benefits

With ABSA Funeral Cover Benefits you’ve got choices.

You can go for a prepaid funeral plan. That’s where you make a payment in advance to a funeral director in exchange for their services. Or you can go for a plan where you pay monthly premiums which go towards the cost of a funeral.

ABSA is one of South Africa’s banks which offer affordable funeral cover with suitable plans for different earning capacities. Some of the funeral plans start from as little as R45 per month so you can’t afford to be without funeral cover, especially at this price.

ABSA Funeral Cover Benefits

    • discount prices on certain items – all designed to ensure a dignified funeral
    • comprehensive insurance for your burial – this is for costs  transporting the body to the place of burial, even to a different city
    • cover for accidental death or natural causes
    • useful grocery allowance which continues for up to 12 months
    • cover for strokes, diabetes and other chronic illnesses as well as HIV/AIDS
    • optional life insurance benefit for the main member up to R150,000

With a pre-paid funeral plan compare products to see what the exclusions are.

Absa Funeral Cover Benefits

For instance you may find that the pre-paid price does not include some products and services.

You can buy the Absa Prepaid Funeral plan at any Absa ATM, your cell phone or on Absa-Online. And you can cover up to 8 extended family members on ABSA Funeral Cover Benefits.

ABSA funeral cover benefits avoid the need for family members to Pay

Most people want a funeral plan just so that they can avoid having their family members looking for money to pay for their funeral.

They want the peace of mind that comes from knowing all the funeral arrangements are in place and  paid for.

Before choosing a funeral plan, you should look at your needs and consider how much you can afford to pay towards funeral cover.

Let’s look at some of the ABSA funeral cover benefits that are available to people between the ages of 16 and 65.

      • ABSA Funeral cover lasts your whole life
      • you can add up to 8 family members to your cover
      • you can choose funeral cover which ranges from R6 000 up to R50 000
      • for accidental death of the main member you benefit from a double payout

Why not ask for quotes from ABSA by filling in their online form? You can either give them a call on 0860 227 253 or you can visit them at their website.

If you are already a card holder you can simply buy your insurance on any ABSA ATM and have your funeral cover premiums deducted from your account each month.

The All-in-One Funeral Plan from ABSA funeral cover benefits

ABSA offers funeral policies based on your needs, and most people like knowing that they get extra benefits such as paying for the transportation of the deceased’s body from where they died to where they want to be buried.

Your funeral plan needs to suit your lifestyle and your pocket and ABSA funeral cover manages both.

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