Assupol Excellence Funeral Insurance Details

You don’t have to plan a fundraising event every time a relative passes away. Instead you can take advantage of the benefits Assupol Excellence Funeral Insurance offers.

The Excellence Funeral Insurance is one of the two funeral insurance products offered by Assupol, one of the leading life insurance firms in South Africa.

Assupol Excellence Funeral Insurance is geared to meet the needs of citizens with families. The policies enable people to coverĀ  themselves and their dependents adequately.

With an assurance of receiving your payout within 48 hours, this product gives you much needed peace of mind when you need it.

Features of Assupol Excellence Funeral Insurance

  • To keep this funeral cover active you will need to pay a basic monthly premium of R70.
  • For this you will be in line for aR50,000 payout in the event that you pass away.
  • Signing up is also easy. You and your family will not be required to undergo medical examinations.
  • There is a waiting period, as one would expect with any kind of cover. You will not be covered until the first six months of the cover have elapsed except if death occurs by accident.
  • The cover extends to your spouse, children and an unlimited number of members of your extended family.
  • Other Assupol Excellence Funeral Insuranceproducts t may require you to apply for a separate cover for your children when they become adults. But the Excellence Funeral Insurance will continue to cover them beyond their 21st birthday.
  • In addition to covering all members of your immediate family, the cover applies to stillborn children as well as children who may pass away in their first three months.
  • An attractive bonus feature of the Excellence Funeral Insurance is that your family will continue to be under the cover up to five years after your death without them contributing any premiums and without you adding anything to your basic R70 premium.


Extra benefits

If you would like to get a higher lump sum than the basic minimum R50,000, you can choose to add to the amount you contribute in monthly premiums every year. This is possible because Assupol is a life insurance company as well as a funeral cover company. This is a good idea as you will get a payout that takes into account the fluctuating value of money over time. Besides this there are other benefits that can be tacked onto the lump sum payout if you can sustain an additional premium. If you or a loved one dies from an accident, you can get double the payout if you enroll for the double payout option.

You can extend the period in which your family will be continue to be covered by the policy after your death from just five years to their entire lifetime. This is possible if you sign up for the Premium Waiver Plus benefit. There is also a similar benefit you can sign up for that will keep you and your family covered in case you are retrenched from your place of employment. You can extend this benefit through the Paid-up Benefit which allows you and your loved ones to continue enjoying the funeral cover even after you turn 65.

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