A Cheaper Funeral Plan from Momentum

A Cheaper Funeral Plan from Momentum helps ease the burden of grief after losing a loved one.

Families also have to face up to the task of giving them an honourable sendoff.

Not only do they have to plan for the funeral, burial or cremation but they have to deal with the costs that have to be paid for these services.

Money will be needed for every step – from transferring the body to the mortuary, buying a coffin, a tombstone and providing refreshments for the many relatives and friends who attend the service.

For this reason not only do you need to sign up for funeral cover, you need to ensure your cover takes care of all these costs.

Cheaper funeral planWhat You Need is a Cheaper Funeral Plan

Momentum offers a cheaper funeral plan – funeral cover that helps you comprehensively meet your funeral expenses.

Momentum has served the South African market with a wide range of financial instruments for the past 50 years.

They have a firm understanding of the unique needs with regard to planning and executing funerals.

You can be sure they have the right product to suit you at a cost that you can comfortably afford.

Depending on your financial ability you can get cover for yourself and your spouse ranging from R10,000 and R100,000. You can also extend your cover to your dependents and members of your extended family.

Eligibility for Momentum cheaper funeral plan

Momentum will cover you as the principle policyholder as well as your spouse – as long as you are below 75 years of age.

The person you cover does not have to be married to you.  A person who has been living with you for a long time as a partner can qualify in this capacity.

Parents or grandparents of the insured are covered all the way to 80 years for R5,000-30,000. Children are covered under the Momentum funeral cover up to the age of 35. Cover for dependents can be a minimum of R5,000 and go up to R30,000.

Want to include your siblings in the cover? You can as long as they are aged between 15 and 75. Cover for your sisters and/or brothers extends between R5,000 and R30,000.

Relatives outside this circle can also be included in the cover but they have to be below 70 years. The maximum amount you can cover relatives in this category is R20,000. With this cover you can cover up to 50 people. You can get additional benefits if you’re willing to pay a little extra on top of your premiums.

Getting a Momentum quote

If you are shopping for funeral cover, you can get a free quote from Momentum right from their website. Simply click the ‘get a quote’ link and then enter your personal details in the form provided.

You can specify the amount of cover you would like between R10,000 and R100,000. If you would like to include more beneficiaries you can add their details and the amount you would like them to be covered for in the form.

Momentum will then give you an estimate of the monthly premium you will need to pay. Remember this is only an estimate and may not be the actual figure you pay when you sign up for the policy.

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