Old Mutual Burial Society Support Plan

If you belong to a Burial Society, then you will want to know more about the Old Mutual Burial Society Support Plan.

It will meet all your funeral requirements along with your family and also add in a whole lot of benefits. Start by getting Old Mutual Burial Society Funeral cover quotes.

The Burial Support Plan is not only suitable for burial societies. Also, stokvels, churches, NGOs, clubs, as well as co-ops, use the plan.

It also offers low monthly premiums and options to suit your Burial Society requirements. See what else is on offer.

More about What the Old Mutual Burial Society can Do for You

Old Mutual Burial Society

  • Claims payouts in  48 hours, just as long as you provide all the necessary documentation.
  • The Old Mutual Burial Society is protected from receiving multiple claims in short periods because it has Old Mutual backing
  • Financial education can be provided using workshops so that your Old Mutual Burial Society achieves financial freedom.
  • It will offer guidance regarding premiums that need to be charged for the provision of benefits, especially regarding illnesses such as HIV/Aids.
  • It can provide assistance with basic administration and finance and administration of the Burial Society.
  • The Old Mutual Burial Society has access to MORE4U Value Added Services. That includes health support, funeral support, emergency medical trauma and response, HIV treatment, assault and legal support.


Don’t be Caught Without Cover

Funeral policy or funeral cover is not often considered until suddenly you find yourself organising a funeral, which can cost easily between R7 000 to R30 000. Many times you will not have access to the funds because the estate of the deceased has not yet been wound up.

Old Mutual Burial Society Support PlanYou will find quite a few funeral plans available to you. That means you will need to identify what your particular needs are so that you make right and wise choices.

The cover can either be for yourself, your immediate family or it can even include coverage for your extended family as well. This could be your mother and father, even aunts and uncles and parents-in-law.

Identify yourself with Old Mutual’s funeral solutions and if you are in doubt and need the assistance of a financial adviser, go online.

Here you will be able to fill in your details, after which and an Old Mutual Personal Financial Adviser will be in contact with you.

A small Investment with Big Rewards

With the Old Mutual Burial Society Support Plan you can get maximum coverage. You can get between R50 000 to R70 000 and funeral cover from as little as R27 a month. You will also receive funeral cover as well as the necessary support for the burial society.

The Old Mutual Burial Society Support Plan offer convenience and benefits. You can even use your cell phone to register. With the Plan, you will receive transportation of the deceased. That will be from wherever they are in the world to your closest funeral home which is closest to the burial site in South Africa.

If you need a pathologist, you will receive a referral and will receive advice on important issues such as other funeral services. That can include information on who the undertakers will be and even assistance with the provision of tombstone providers.

Plan ahead

You cannot afford not to investigate the Old Mutual Burial Society Support Plan. With such important features such as emergency medical response and family support services, you can know peace of mind. You can know that Old Mutual will have your stressful financial implications all sorted and covered.

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