What is a Funeral Undertaker

Somerset Maugham may well have said that dying is a dreary affair and that we shouldn’t have anything to with it, but the truth is, not one of us can escape death. The funeral undertaker, who is also known as a funeral director or mortician, is entrusted with taking care of our loved one’s when they pass away. Their primary role is to be of service to mourners, to listen to the needs of the family of the deceased and to adhere to their wishes.

A Good Funeral Undertaker Smooths the Road Ahead

A funeral undertaker can be useful in helping people make up their minds about coffins, caskets and ideas for a decent funeral. The best funeral undertakers are the ones that know that with most people, death takes them through one of the darkest periods in their life. A good undertaker wants to smooth the road ahead.

They will advise people to rather plan ahead and What Does a Funeral Undertaker Dotake out a funeral policy so as to avoid financial pressures that can put a strain on the family. Planning ahead helps to take the sting out of the death process and certainly takes away the pressure of trying to find the money to cover funeral costs.

Juggling Schedules all in a Day’s Work

Funeral undertakers have to be used to flexible schedules because death doesn’t keep to a timetable. In ancient times, Egyptians embalmed their dead kings, and in more recent times, the funeral undertaker is in charge of the embalming process.

Long ago in the United States, certain revelations came to light about the practices and prices of some funeral undertakers and this opened the industry to regulation. Today, the best funeral directors conform to all legal requirements and conduct all services in a professional manner.

Funeral directors in the 21st century have to consider offering green funerals, where the body is no longer embalmed. This allows the body to recycle naturally in eco-friendly coffins. Still today, burials are regulated in many jurisdictions around the world , where the services of a licensed funeral undertaker is required. Some of the other services of a funeral undertaker will be –

    • To transport the body of the deceased.
    • To arrange funeral vehicles.
    • To prepare the body for burial or cremation.
    • Organise and book times with the church, different venues and cemetery or crematorium.
    • The completion of death registration forms.
    • To oversee the entire funeral process from start to finish.
    • Some undertakers are even requested to lead the service in whatever form it takes.
    • Funeral undertakes need to be aware of a region’s regulations.
    • After the funeral, the funeral undertaker will help to arrange for the ashes to be scattered.


Fees for the services of a funeral director are mostly regulated in the different jurisdictions. Sometimes they will tell you of discounts or refunds they have. Generally prices at funeral homes can differ and the reason for this is that every funeral is customised. The choices that people make that will determine the final cost of the funeral. Once you know what you want, the funeral director will provide an itemised estimate of the funeral costs.

Consistently Satisfying Services

Without comparing funeral undertakers and looking at their prices and services, you won’t be able to tell whether they are good or not. Make use of the many online guides to help in choosing the best funeral home and funeral director who has a remarkable record of consistently good services. With a reputable funeral undertaker you won’t be spending money unnecessarily and you’ll look back on the funeral of your loved one and say ‘all’s well that end’s well.’

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