Funeral Plan Premiums for Sanlam Choice

The Sanlam Choice Funeral Plan offers great flexibility.

Most other policies require you to take cover for yourself if you want to cover your dependents and other family members. But this plan is different.

You can take funeral cover on behalf of your parents and in-laws without including yourself in the policy.

In addition to this, the  Sanlam Choice Funeral Plan allows you to decide the amount of cover you want. The minimum monthly premium you can pay is R80. But you can increase this if you would like to enjoy more benefits or factor in the changing value of money into your benefits.

The Sanlam Choice Funeral Plan comes in five categories, each offering a different level of cover and its set of advantages:

  • Sanlam ChoiceSanlam My Traditional Funeral Plan
  • Sanlam My Priority Funeral Plan
  • Sanlam My Tribute Funeral Plan
  • Sanlam My Legacy Funeral Plan
  • Sanlam My Prestige Funeral Plan


Sanlam choice – Traditional Plan

If the person covered by this plan, be they your dependents or members of your extended family, dies, you will be entitled to a specified payout. This primary benefit applies to all other variations of the My Choice Funeral Plan.

Another shared attribute is the Burial Repatriation Benefit, which assures you of transport for the deceased from the mortuary to any burial site within South Africa.

If it is necessary for someone to travel with the body, their expenses will also be catered for under this benefit.

Should the journey take more than a day, overnight accommodation will be footed under the repatriation benefit.

The Unemployment and Pregnancy Payment Holiday is also common to the Traditional, Priority and Tribute plans.

This benefit allows the beneficiary of the policy to continue enjoying cover even when the policyholder is not able to pay premiums if they are unemployed or pregnant.

The cover will remain in a limited way for 12 months during such a time. The full benefits of the cover will start again when you resume paying your premiums.

Sanlam choice – Priority Plan

Besides the main funeral cover which is paid out on the death of the beneficiary, the Burial Repatriation benefit and the Unemployment and Pregnancy Payment Holiday, and the Priority Plan offers a few more benefits.

One is the No More Premiums benefit which ensures cover for family members who are under your policy even when you are dead or unable to work.

However, certain conditions have to be met for Sanlam to continue paying your premiums for you.

This benefit, together with the Double Accident Benefit and the Grocery Benefit, also apply to the Tribute Funeral Plan.

The Double Accident Benefit ensures that your family will be paid an amount equal to the funeral cover if anyone under the policy dies by accident.

If the sole breadwinner dies the Groceries benefit will pay the family of the deceased R1,000 for up to six months after his death.

Sanlam choice – Tribute Plan

This plan has all the benefits of the above two plus the Memorial and Loyalty benefits.

With the last benefit, the policyholder will be paid back a year’s worth of premiums after every five years.

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