Doves Funeral Cover Options for all South Africans

There are Doves Funeral Cover Options available from the Doves Group. This company is one of the leading providers of funeral cover and funeral-related services in South Africa.

The company has grown from humble beginnings as a simple funeral directing services provider back in 1883.

Now Doves is an industry leader with over 160 branches nationwide and a presence in other Southern African countries.

Doves Funeral Cover Options

Doves funeral cover optionsThanks to its enduring presence in the funeral business Doves offers a bouquet of funeral insurance plans that meet the needs of South Africans across the board.

Whether you are a single lady who has just got her first job or a family man with some dependents, Doves has the funeral cover for you.

Depending on which plan you select, Doves will pay out between R5,000 and R50,000.

Terms and Conditions

All Doves funeral cover options require a sign-up fee of R50 but you will be happy to note that no medical tests are required when joining.

Whichever package you opt for you can rest assured that in the event death occurs. Subsequently, you will receive your payout in full as long as all the required documentation are in place.

There is a six-month waiting period before which Doves will process a claim. This applies only if the insured is below 65 years of age.

If they are above this limit the waiting period extends to nine months. However if death occurs by accident, Doves will process the claim immediately as long as the first premium has been paid.

Dove Funeral Insurance Options

The economy, population dynamics and the industry itself change continually. Doves will continue to come up with innovative insurance products to meet the needs of the market.

Here are the products you can sign up for from Doves funeral cover options –

Doves Funeral Plan: This is one of the funeral cover products Doves has designed specifically for families.

It offers a payout of up to R19,000 in the event the principal policyholder or a nominated member of their family dies.

For this policy you will need to budget for monthly premiums of R80. This amount is not too high if you think of the benefits you will enjoy when you need them most.

Doves All Nations: Like the plan above, this policy targets those with family members they would like to cover.

You can cover up to 12 family members with this plan. In the event you or one of them die, the policy entitles your family to a R19,000 payout.

The monthly premium required for this policy is R225. If you are willing to up your contribution by a little you can go for the Dove All Nations Plus+ plan.

With this package you will get a payout of R30,500 in the event of death.

Doves Funeral Policy: This policy allows you to get cover for a monthly premium of just R30. It is ideal for low income households or those just getting started in employment.

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