Flowers for a Funeral and Their Meanings

April 20, 2016

Flowers for a funeral are a given, and people give flowers that they know the deceased liked and loved.

However there are so many flowers that are appropriate, and each flower has a distinct meaning.

You might want to say something with flowers, but have no idea what each flower means.

Knowing the meaning of flowers for a funeral will enable you to choose the flower with the most appropriate meaning.

Flowers for a funeral should include Lillies

Flowers for a funeral

Lillies are the most visible flower at a funeral, with one of the reasons being its look. Plus White Lillies represent purity and innocence restored to the departed soul.

There is also the significant meaning behind the smell of a Lilly – the fragrance suggests that the spirit is returning to a place of peace and innocence.

Christians also believe that Lillies stand for purity and the radiance of the soul.

Flowers for a funeral


Roses are everyone’s favourite. Each colour has a different meaning at a funeral:

A red rose represents love, respect, and courage. Red Roses are chosen by a person who was very close to the deceased. Using a single rose in a spray of flowers shows everlasting love.

Yellow is for friendship.  Include a yellow rose in a bouquet.

A pink rose represents admiration and grace. Roses are used in combination with other flowers in the bouquet.

And Carnations

Flowers for a funeral

Carnations – When choosing flowers for a funeral you should include the Carnation, particularly at an older person’s funeral like a mother or grandmother as it stands for a mother’s love.

Colours play an important part once again with Carnations.  Consequently, a Red Carnation will mean affection and love. White means innocence, faithfulness, and purity.

Catholic and many Christian funerals use pink carnations as they believe that pink carnations are from the Virgin Mary’s tears.

Mixing carnations and roses from different colours and their meanings are popular at funerals. Also, the mix gives an “unspoken message” to the deceased.

At any funeral, there will always be flowers as they symbolize visually many buried feelings and heartfelt words.

These three flowers are the most common flowers at a funeral due to their symbolism.  A combination of the types weaves a deeper meaning of loss, grief, and enduring love.

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