Get a Funeral Plan from Discovery

There are many reasons why you should think about getting a funeral plan Discovery offers. Discovery Life isn’t just a trustworthy insurance firm. There are many other reasons why you should get a funeral plan from Discovery.

Here are just a couple of the most important reasons.

Funeral Plan Discovery – Double payout

They provide a bonus payout in the case of accidental death.  Discovery would times by two the amount of cover if you died because of an accident. The deal applies not just to the primary member, but also for the spouse of the member. So if you are insured for up to R60 000, your cover Funeral Plan Discoverywill go up to R120 000 if you or your spouse died in an accident.

Funeral Plan Discovery – Good Payout Time

When you or a family member died, the family will need to have the money as soon as possible to start organising and paying for the funeral.

The great thing about having a funeral plan from Discovery is that payment pays out within 48 hours after they receive all the correct documentation. They will assist you in the documentation that they need. Normally it is the ID of the beneficiary, the ID of the deceased, the death certificate and the paperwork of the policy.

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Funeral Plan Discovery – Continued Cover

Most people are worried about is what is going to happen to the policy when the primary member dies. However, if you are using Discovery, and the leading member dies, the policy remains in force.

And, they will pay the premium for a full year after the death of the central member. This clause ensures that the spouse and children get cover while they find a new income.

Funeral Plan Discovery – Baby Cover

We all know that a child needs to be added as one of the family members to be able to get cover. But, sometimes an infant dies without protection regarding the policy. However, there is a baby insurance for babies under three months and for a stillborn.

You will automatically be able to get a lump some money for a child no on the policy. The clause ensures to make sure that you have money for an infant funeral, no matter what.


Getting a funeral cover from Discovery Life might be an excellent idea because of all the benefits they offer their policyholders. With them, you can get cover for up to R60 000. They pay the money within 48 hours of receiving the documentation.

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All info was correct at time of publishing