Quotes for AVBOB Funeral Policies

Quotes for AVBOB Funeral Policies are now easier to get because as the internet has made requesting quotes wonderfully convenient.

Before the internet, insurance companies had a field day presenting customers with quotes.

They knew customers were frustrated and tired of phoning around trying to find the lowest quotes and would just settle for anything.

Now customers can shop and compare multiple quotes from many different insurers. So they can choose the best quote from the comfort of their homes.

No need to shop around – AVBOB funeral policies are the lowest

AVBOB funeral plans are some of the lowest available starting at R37 a month. And they offer a range of fantastic features and benefits.

The difference between a quote for AVBOB Funeral Cover and other funeral cover service providers is that the AVBOB funeral plan pays out more than just money. It’s much more than that.

They make it their goal to offer their members more than other funeral insurance providers. They don’t just dutifully process your claim or make payouts. They are on 24/7 standby assisting with everything from helping you fill in forms to arranging the entire funeral.

With quotes for AVBOB funeral cover, the price isn’t the only thing to consider. You want to look at features and benefits too.

Avbob Funeral PoliciesAVBOB are your one-stop-funeral-shop. You get everything under one roof, and you can also cover your entire family, right down to the extended members such as aunts and uncles.

Funeral Cover Quotes that Promise More


Try AVBOB. You’ll see from the quote provided that AVBOB offers the best there is. Add or remove family members and alter your plan till you are 100% satisfied with your free quote.

AVBOB’s policy is to make payouts within 48 hours. You’ll also receive a cash back benefit every five years, bearing in mind that to take advantage of AVBOB’s benefits, you need to have an active, up-to-date policy.

You’ll also have access to so many services, so you’ll never have to worry about what comes next.

Some benefits of AVBOB funeral policies include –

  • Payouts of between R5 000 to R50 000.
  • No medicals required – guaranteed acceptance.
  • Accidental death cover included.
  • Pay for one child – others are free.

From just R37 per month, you get free funeral benefits too such as:.-

  • Use of hearse and mortuary.
  • Artificial grass at the grave.
  • Artificial wreath.
  • Registration of death.
  • Tents and chairs.
  • Local telephone calls.


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