Martins Inkomo Provider Funeral Benefits

Martins Inkomo Provider funeral plan offers incredible benefits if you are looking for all-around great cover.

Martins are proud of the service and expertise they have delivered to all South Africans over the years. They strive to create better and more affordable plans to reach out to the less fortunate.

The benefits listed here make this a fantastic funeral plan for everyone. And for what you get you won’t believe how affordable the policy is.

Martins Inkomo Provider Provides Benefits, Benefits and More Benefits

Martins Inkomo ProviderExtended family Benefits

With Inkomo Extended family funeral cover you get more than just the regular feature that includes you as the primary member, your wife (or husband) and children. With this benefit, you can also include your extended family.

The feature means Martins pays you money back, not only for your close family but also for your extended family members. These include your parents and your brothers and sisters.

Tombstone benefits From Martins Inkomo Provider

One of the most expensive items of a funeral is the tombstone on the grave. Obviously, you won’t need this benefit if you intend to have the deceased cremated.

With Martins Inkomo Provider you have the option to add the tombstone benefit to your funeral cover. This feature means you will be able to put up the memorial without paying for it. However, you need to include an additional fee to your funeral premium to get this benefit.

Commuter Benefits

You can add the commuter benefit to your Martins Inkomo funeral cover at an extra charge. Then you will only pay R10 more on your premium to receive more benefits. The commuter benefits are:

  •  If you and your family are involved in a car accident, you will get R12 500 for yourself and your spouse. And you will get R5 000 for each child with a maximum of four children
  • You will get double the benefits if the accident occurs while you were using public transport

Like any Other Funeral Plan there Are Waiting periods With Martins Inkomo provider

The first waiting period is six months for immediate family members like yourself, your spouse and your children.

You must wait nine months for your extended families, such as your parents and brothers and sisters.

There is a 24-month waiting period for suicide and six months for Avis benefits. However, with an accidental death, the policy covers you and your extended family members after you pay the first instalment.

With Martins Inkomo provider you receive many benefits that are important to a family. Because you know that you and your family are taken care of by a reliable provider you can go out and enjoy your life.

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