Popular AVBOB Funeral Plans Pay Back Premiums

AVBOB Funeral Plans Pay Back Premiums makes paying insurance premiums easier to bear. After all, you pay month after month, and what do you have to show for it?

What you get is a payout which goes to your beneficiary and not to you.

Most people think that insurance is just too expensive and complicated and that there’s nothing much to gain from it.

AVBOB Funeral Plans has come up with ways to make their insurance far more attractive. You get something back while you are alive.

Insurance companies like AVBOB can offer attractive payback premiums only because they invest the money of their members carefully.

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They know that their members have got individual preferences, and they offer different insurance products to cater for the rainbow nation.

Start Reaping the Rewards of No Claims

It is quite clear to see why their traditional cashback premiums are in demand.

Instead of paying every month for years, now with this cashback benefit, you’re in line to get Avbob Funeral Planssomething back. And not just once, but several times over – after every five years.

AVBOB pays out this highly desirable cash back payment to the policyholder only. It’s a way to thank subscribers for their loyalty.

Cashback Premium Benefits from AVBOB

  • The insurance contract must be five years old, and you must have made all 60 payments.
  • The cashback remains in place even if AVBOB has denied any claims.
  • After your application in any cashback period, the cashback period starts again.
  • If someone dies before the date of the cashback benefit but you submit it after you received the cashback, AVBOB will deduct the cash back amount from the proceeds of the claim.
  • If you reinstate the policy within a 5-year cashback period from when it has lapsed, the cashback period will continue as from the original commencement date.

AVBOB funeral plans create products with you in mind

Every five years, if you don’t claim, AVBOB will give you the entire year’s premiums back in cash.

So throughout the year, all the premiums you paid during the 5th year will be come back to you, allowing you to use the money as you wish.

As a mutual assurance society, AVBOB has served the South African market for close to 100 years. They offer their cashback life insurance policy to those between the ages of 18 and 80 years of age.

In the event of your death, the Cashback Life Policy will pay out a benefit and in the case of accidental death, AVBOB will double the amount owing.

Another advantage of AVBOB’s Cashback Funeral Cover is that you can decide on the level of cover you want and who you want to cover. You can add as many of your children that you want to and add up to 6 family members.

Get Something More

Just remember that the pay back premiums from AVBOB have the same benefits as a regular policy. So the cashback is an optional benefit.

If you’re tired of paying for a funeral plan each month, never claiming and never getting anything back, help is at hand. AVBOB funeral plans have got a plan up their sleeve that gives you more. So that when you become part of the AVBOB family, you become a winner.

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