Doves Funeral Home Overview

Doves funeral home is not just a funeral service provider or a funeral insurance firm. It is a group of companies that deal with all aspects of funerals.

Doves have over a 100 years of experience in the industry. Doves Group has become one of the leading funeral services firms in the entire region of Southern Africa.

There are more than 160 Doves funeral home branches in the country’s nine provinces. The offices offer the population a diversity of products. The company has as its goal to provide citizens in all communities with innovative funeral-related goods and services.

They are also still on the lookout for ways to diversify their revenue streams so as to give stakeholders better returns. Doves is a leader in the funeral industry with its membership in the Doves Funeral Home LogoFuneral Federation of South Africa and the South African Funeral Practitioners’ Association.

The group of companies is also a founding member of the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA).

History of Doves Funeral Home Group

Doves first emerged on the South African funeral landscape in 1883. It was an organisation that specialised in funeral directing services. The company did not become known as Doves Group until after Homes Trust Funeral Services bought the company. This process began in the late 1950s and continued into the 80s. The eighties was the decade that Metropolitan did sell Homes to the senior management.

They changed the firm’s name to HT Group. Then the managers established an insurance wing initially called HTG life and later renamed to Union Life. So Union is the name under which Doves Group underwrites its life and funeral insurance products today. The name Doves Group started in 2004, and it is an entity fully owned by NIC.

Services offered by Doves

These are funeral home arrangements, memorial services, cremation and burial services, caring for and embalming the body and funeral insurance.

  • Caring for and embalming the body: Doves will be able to help its clients with such tasks as registering the death as required by law. Then they take care of the body professionally performing such tasks as washing and embalming the deceased.
  • Transport: They will also provide you with professional transportation services to ferry the body to any location as long as it is within South Africa. They will also transport the body to some neighbouring countries including Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique and Botswana.
  • Funeral arrangements: Doves will provide you with an expert to help you plan the funeral and take care of all the details. These include putting a notice of death in the newspaper, getting flowers, catering and other items needed to conduct the service.
  • Burial and cremation: Doves will perform the interment of the body after the funeral service. However, if the family prefers cremation, Doves will arrange for this and will also provide assistance in scattering the ashes.
  • Funeral cover: Doves offers a range of funeral plans to suit people of different incomes and family circumstances.


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