The Various Doves Funeral Cover Products

Do some research and you will discover that there are many funeral cover products from just as many funeral plan providers. Doves Funeral cover is just one.

You have to make sure that you check out exactly what products and services are on offer.  South Africans appreciate that Doves Funeral Cover is completely upfront with what they include in their plans.

Some funeral cover providers make out that they provide for everything. But it’s not so!

Doves are committed to providing the highest standards of products and services – everything you’d expect from an established and trusted leader in funeral cover.

There are so many good reasons why people use Doves.

  • They deliver excellent services and products.
  • The various Doves funeral cover products provide value to customers, regardless of budget.
  • Their range of products allows customers to make informed choices.


Doves Funeral Cover – Just what You’re Looking For

Doves Funeral Cover ProductsDoves have been arranging funerals for many years, and you can always call on any one of their many branches and become a member of one of their plans.

So each plan offers a different set of products and services.

Choosing a coffin needn’t ever be difficult, as this is one of the many products Doves offers, and for all kinds of budgets.

Of course, Dove’s aim is to please their customers, so if you want an imported coffin, let Doves know.

The funeral director is always on hand to take you through the various elements that come into play when selecting a coffin, including aesthetics, costs and what the deceased would like.

The wide variety means customers can choose basic or more advanced products which are proudly South African.

Products which Express the Personality of Deceased

There are various ways to commemorate the life of the deceased. One way that ‘lives on’ is a headstone or gravestone.

Doves offers gravestones in an excellent selection of materials and colours to personalise the headstone you have in mind.

Doves, with all their experience, are well acquainted with the regulations of graveyards and the type of memorials they will allow. So they advise their customers on this and the kind of materials that will stand up well to weathering.

Doves also know that their customers want tombstones as a lasting way to express their feelings for the family members.

To this end, they offer tombstones of high quality for babies, children and adults right up to the double headstones and their presidential tombstones.

Doves offer many different funeral plans too so as to address all the needs of their customers. Their plans include the following products which pay out from R5 000 to R50 000 cover.

  • Doves All Nations
  • Doves Funeral Policy
  • Doves Funeral Plan
  • Doves Life Plan
  • Doves All Nations Plus
  • Doves All Nations Burial Plan
  • Doves Burial Service Plan


Products That Keep Up with the Times

Doves are always looking to develop even more products so as to keep up to date with the diverse needs of their rainbow nation customers.

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