Life Cashback Plan Helps with Funeral Expenses

The Life Cashback plan from Clientele Life really helps with funeral expenses and make sure that you take care of yourself and your family when anyone in the household you passes away.

It is important to make sure that you are getting a funeral plan but you can also get the life cashback plan. Such a policy will assist you and your family to pay funeral costs and other expenses when a family member dies. Here are some features of the Life Cashback plan from Clientele Life.

Life Cashback Plan Premium

Clientele calculates the Life Cashback plan premium according to your age. From as little as R130 per month, you can get between R10 000 and R200 000 when you or your spouse is deceased.

The amount of money that you are going to receive depends on the type of package that you selected. And it also depends on the sum of money you are prepared to pay for the premium.

Payments within 24 hours

Clientele Life Cashback PlanClientele will make the first payout of R10 000 within the first 24 hours after you submitted the claims form, with the other documentation needed.

This is so that you can your family can get fast cash to assist with the final funeral arrangements and other expenses that need to be paid immediately. Clientele will make the rest of the payout as soon as possible.

Easy application

There are so many other life insurance policies and funeral covers that are hard to apply for. They need to have medicals done and it takes time to finalize.

However, if you are getting the Clientele Life Cashback plan, you will not struggle to apply for the plan. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 75 can apply for this plan. All that you need to have to apply is your valid ID document or a valid passport. You don’t need to go for any medicals before they will approve your application.

Cash back

There is another great thing about The Life Cashback plan from Clientele. If you don’t claim for 60 months or while you are paying 60 premiums, you are going to get some cash back into your pocket.

You will be able to get the amount of money back that will be equivalent to the first 6 installments that you have been making.  You can use these funds just as you like, and Clientele pays out the money in cash.


These are just the most important benefits that Clientele includes in the Life Cashback plan. And, from as little as R130 per month, you can get up to R200 000 back in cash. You can use this money for funeral expenses, or for any other expenses that you might have. And, if you don’t claim for 60 months, you will get 6 month’s premiums back. There are some other benefits that you can also use, when you are getting this plan from Clientele Life.

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All info was correct at time of publishing