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When a loved one passes away, almost immediately you think of the financial implications. It sounds hard, but the reality is that money is scarce in this day and age. The funeral can be a very expensive experience, so making it impossible to give the deceased the send-off they deserve. It, therefore, makes good sense to take out a funeral policy from Doves funeral parlour services, giving the family peace of mind, about this expense at least.

Benefits of Doves Funeral Parlour Services

Regardless of your marital status, your income, or your state of health, there is a broad range of funeral cover products available from Doves funeral parlour, to suit your every need. So cover ranges from R5 000 to R50,500 and premiums from R30 to R265 per month. A joining fee of R50 is payable on all plans.

  • Doves Burial Service Plan

Doves Funeral Parlour ServicesIn the event of death, then Doves funeral parlour product relieves the family of many of the expenses associated with the funeral.

  • R5,000 cash payout within 48 hours of putting in your claim.
  • Doves will register the death and process the necessary documents.
  • Casket worth R15 000.
  • Repatriation of the body within the boundaries of South Africa.
  • Two cars for the family of the deceased, so as to ferry them around anywhere within a 50km radius.
  • 24 bottles of 350ml juice.
  • 24 bottles of 350ml water.
  • 100 funeral programmes

For this, there is a monthly premium of R100


  • Doves Life Plan


This option covers the individual and extended family.

Funeral cover is up to R50 500 and the monthly premiums from R215.


  • Doves All Nations Burial Plan


This plan covers up to 12 people with a premium from R265 per month.

It enjoys the same benefits as the Burial Service Plan.


  • Doves Funeral Policy


This policy covers individuals as well as the extended family.

The premiums start for as little as R30 per month.


  • Doves Funeral Plan


The plan covers individuals as well as extended family members.

The cover is up to R19 000 from R80 per month.


  • Doves All Nations Plus


This option covers up to 12 members PLUS many added benefits.

The cover is up to R30 500.

More About Doves Funeral Parlour Services

Doves have approximately 140 branches country-wide and operate about nine crematoriums. They have been in operation for 130 years, so have a wealth of experience, enabling them to help you arrange your funeral with dignity and integrity.

Doves Funeral Parlours can offer you so much:

  • Funeral cover according to your individual policy.
  • Assistance with planning and arranging the funeral.
  • Caring for the body, and embalming if so desired. Also preparation of the body for viewing.
  • Repatriation within the boundaries of South Africa.
  • Registration of the death within five days.
  • Funeral notices in the newspapers if desired.
  • They can offer you the choice of burial or cremation, and memorial services.
  • If you have a family plot in the cemetery, Doves will assist with the opening of the grave, and writing the memorial headstone.
  • Exhumation and reburial if required.
  • Administration of claims.

On the Doves website, you will also find well-written articles on how to cope with grief, as well as a list of organisations where people are available to help you emotionally.

Doves Funeral Parlour Services and Products

Doves also have an e-brochure with photographs of their wide range of coffins, caskets, and tombstones. Also, there is also a colour chart for the choice of granite colour. Now the question is – ‘what DOESN’T Doves offer you?’

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