Doves Funeral Home Services Offered

When you look at the services offered by funeral homes in South Africa, there are certain things you want to know. For instance, will the services be in keeping with the needs of your family? Doves funeral home services answers that need.

These days in South Africa, the services offered by funeral homes go way beyond the traditional.  You can hold the funeral proceedings at a range of different venues. Then the order of service can take many various forms. Essential services of the funeral director at a Doves Funeral Home services include:

  • embalming
  • preparation of the body
  • the supply of burial equipment
  • transfer of the remains.


Doves Funeral Home Services – At a Time of Grieving

A funeral home such as Doves goes beyond that, taking away a lot of frustration and inconvenience from a grieving family.

An important service that the Doves Funeral Home offers is securing the certified copies of the death certificate.

Doves Funeral Home ServicesLet’s look at some of the other services that Doves Funeral Home offers:

  • Writing and submitting obituaries to the local newspaper if you wish.
  • Obtaining the permits for the grave lot at the cemetery.
  • Doves also provide many services and merchandise to their customers such as the coffin and the tombstone.
  • Families can celebrate the life of the deceased by creating a personalised service in keeping with the wishes of the deceased and their family.
  • Doves also provide families who select cremation over burial with choices.
  • It can be difficult knowing how to choose an urn that matches your memorial service needs. How do you choose an urn that will commemorate a loved one? Doves can eliminate¬†your search time by advising you to think of an urn regarding its use. Also, consider the materials and design of the urn and if you want to keep the ashes or scatter them.
  • Doves assists you when planning final disposition by cremation.


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Doves Funeral Home Services Customised to the Needs of the Rainbow Nation

Doves funeral cover is attractive. This is because South African realise that Doves insurance products and services come from one of the biggest funeral companies in Southern Africa. And Doves is the founding member of a couple of funeral associations in South Africa such as the National Funeral Directors Association.

You can expect excellent products and services from a funeral services company that has such a reputation in the funeral cover industry.

Doves supplies several funeral plans which cater for different people from all walks of life. And Doves is aware of the needs of the Rainbow Nation. They can design customised policies and solutions for each of their customers. Their funeral plan products range from R5 000 to R50 000 funeral cover, while always coming up with new plans with even more benefits.

Group Scheme Services

The policies that Doves provides aren’t only for individuals – their services and products extend to group schemes too. These are policies underwritten on a group basis with a minimum of 10 principal members involved. Each of these members of the group is an individual policyholder and can be the likes of church groups, burial societies, stokvels or corporates.

Dove’s Anticipate your Needs

In a world of uncertainty, it can be comforting to know that there is a funeral home so advanced that they anticipate the needs of their customers ahead of time.

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All info was correct at time of publishing