Funeral Insurance for a Single Person from Martins

Why would a single person, especially a young one, even think of getting any funeral cover? Well, singles in South Africa are seeing that having funeral insurance single notwithstanding is as important as having an education.

Taking out funeral cover when you are young and single is very smart because it shows you are taking control of your affairs responsibly.

At Martins funerals, they have cover for individuals between the ages of 16 and 100.


Funeral Insurance Single – Reasons to take out Funeral Cover even if you’re Single


  • There will be money available to your family, to enable them to plan and pay for your funeral.
  • Funerals are expensive, and if you pass away while you are still young, the cost of a funeral on top of the shock of an unexpected death will put extra pressure on an already traumatised family.
  • If you’re young and single, your monthly premiums are very low and affordable. Impressively, the premiums can be as little as Funeral Insurance SingleR25 for R5 000 of cover, which will not mess up your budget.
  • You can use the Funeral Plan payout for a whole range of various funeral costs.
  • The family will get free advice and assistance in planning your funeral.
  • Martins will pay out a lump sum within 48 hours, which will be in time to plan and pay for the arrangements and funeral.
  • Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of the funeral cover paid out to your family will be the assurance and peace of mind they get when they realise they can afford the very best send-off for you. So they will not need to take out a loan, or borrow from others.
  • Should you die in an accident, then your cover doubles.
  • If you are single, but under 100 years of age, then Martins will still have a funeral plan to suit you.
  • No medical examination is necessary.
  • Also there are no exclusions for HIV/Aids.


Funeral Insurance Single – Easy Payment


  • direct deposit
  • debit order
  • at any Martin’s Funeral office close by


Funeral Insurance Single – Premiums


  • For Single Persons aged 16 to 64:

▪ R5,000 cover – premium is R25 per month, waiting period six months.

▪ R10,000 cover –   R50 per month, waiting time six months.

▪ R15,000 cover – R85 per month, waiting time 12 months.

▪ R20,000 cover –  R130 per month, waiting time 18 months.

▪ R31,000 cover – R200 per month, waiting time 18 months.

  • Singles aged 65 to 84:

▪R5,000 cover – premium is R40 per month, waiting time nine months.

▪R10,000 cover – R90 per month, waiting time nine months.

  • For singles aged 85 and older –

▪ R5,000 cover –  R70 per month, waiting time 12 months.

▪ R10,000 cover – R140 per month, waiting time 12 months.


Funeral Insurance Single – General Information


Martin’s Funerals are available 24/7 to be of assistance to you. Note that in the event of suicide; there is a 24 month waiting period before you may claim. You need to submit an application within three months of the death. Otherwise,  the cover becomes null and void. Remember that your cover will automatically cease if there is non-payment of the monthly premiums.

Martin’s Funerals is geared to help single persons no matter their age. So there are plans especially for you, regardless of your age.

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All info was correct at time of publishing